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West Of Loathing Quietly Got Some New DLC Content Today
We were big fans of West Of Loathing when the game came out back in 2017, even beat it all the way through a couple times just for the hell of it Ever since then we've been begging for DLC content from developer Asymmetric, but the closest we got was a card back at PAX West[...]
West Of Loathing
In case you haven't had a chance to check out the awesome stick figure western RPG called West of Loathing, the game's publisher Asymmetric released a proper launch trailer as the game makes its way onto the Nintendo Switch You can check out the full trailer below along with the description of the game, as you[...]
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West of Loathing Is Coming to Nintendo Switch Next Week
A couple months ago, Asymmetric announced that it would be bringing West of Loathing to the Nintendo Switch as part of Nintendo's Nindies program, but we never got an official date This week, the company sent out an official notice letting fans know when it was coming Turns out, the release is a lot sooner than[...]
West Of Loathing Confirmed for Nintendo Switch Release
Today during GDC, indie publisher Asymmetric confirmed the news that their hilarious stick figure RPG West Of Loathing would be coming to the Nintendo Switch as the latest addition to the Nindies section, set for a Spring release The PC title is currently up for the Independent Game Festival's grand prize, and as part of[...]
West Of Loathing
Asymmetric has now created a sequel of sorts called West of Loathing, which I happily got to play for review. credit//Asymmetric The game puts you in the role of a young man or woman leaving their family to head out west and make a living for themselves You come across a tutorial town of sorts where you[...]
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Stick Figure Comedy RPG 'West Of Loathing' Gets A Trailer
If you haven't had a chance to check out the new pictures and trailer for West of Loathing, you might wanna take a brief moment to look through the stuff we have below as this may be one of the best indie RPGs you'll see in 2017 Or at least the funniest Created by Asymmetric Publications, this[...]