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Review: Will Wood's "The Normal Album" - Anything But, And Better
It even sounds a bit like the band Man Man, with whom Will Wood and the Tapeworms had a one time toured with Nevertheless, we are brought back to the reality that this isn't a 1950's candy bar we are dealing with, but rather, the musical stylings of an insanely-biting mind And we like it. In "2econd[...]
A "Normal" Interview With Musician Will Wood, Part 2
Hello there, and welcome to Part Two of our exclusive interview with musical artist Will Wood of Will Wood and the Tapeworms*! The band's newest album, entitled The Normal Album, will be releasing on July 10th, so in advance of that, we thought we would ask Will a few things and see what would come of[...]
A Perfectly "Normal" Interview With Musician Will Wood, Part 1
Isn't that exciting? Before we get into it, though, here's a bit of background for those who don't know this artist: Will is the frontman for avant-pop band Will Wood and the Tapeworms, a group consisting of himself, Matt Berger, Vater Boris, Mike Bottiglieri, and Mario Conte The five started out in New Jersey where they[...]