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Silver Sprocket Says "Alt-Right Bros" Got Ben Passmore's 'Your Black Friend' Banned from Facebook
Earlier this week, publisher Silver Sprocket unveiled an animated short film based on Ben Passmore's Eisner-nominated and Ignatz-winning comic of the same name, Your Black Friend The video is funny and informative, and certainly not worthy of being banned from social media, but apparently it violates Facebook's community guidelines Here's the comic's official description: Ben Passmore's necessary[...]
Watch Ben Passmore's 'Your Black Friend' as an Animated Short Film
And Silver Sprocket feels you too, so they've teamed up with Doggo Studios to produce an animated short based on Ben Passmore's Ignatz-winning and Eisner-nominated Your Black Friend Narrated by Passmore, with animation by Krystal Downs and Alex Krokus, "help" by Stephen Duffy, and sound by James Deangelis, the animated film will leave you wanting[...]