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Last Call: Director Paolo Pilladi Talks Cast, Film’s Timeless Message
Image courtesy of IFC Films Larry runs the family bar that's frequented by his childhood friends growing up, including Ali (Taryn Manning), Coach Finnegan (Bruce Dern), Dougal (Zach McGowan), Whitey (Jamie Kennedy), among others Much of what drives Last Call are personalities within Mick's inner circle, which are inspired by those that director Paolo Pilladi and[...]
Metro International Acquires 'Braveheart' Sequel 'Robert the Bruce' to Distribute Globally
I can't wait for audiences around the world to see it." –Angus Macfayden Credit: Metro International Directed by Richard Gray, Macfayden co-wrote the film with Eric Belgau and stars Macfayden, Hutchinson, Jared Harris, Patrick Fugit, Zach McGowan, Gabriel Bateman, Talitha Eliana-Batemam, Emma Kenney, and Kevin McNally. Will Machin, Metro International CEO showed his fondness for Braveheart and the Netflix[...]