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The Gatecrashers: Catching Up With the Cult Cyberpunk Indie Comic [Review]
It's just unevenly distributed." Zach Mortensen's cult indie comic series The Gatecrashers: A Night of Gatecrashing is a prime example of Cyberpunk It's punk, political, uncompromising and atmospheric. Palomar City is a future urban sprawl of haves and have-nots, divided by gates into zones seething with class tension The only people who can freely travel between the[...]
Spotlight On Indie Comics: The 15 Best Of 2014 Edition
Gatecrashers (issues 1-4) is written by Zach Mortensen with artwork by Sutu of the now-infamous Modern Polaxis Gatecrashers are a gang of ambulance drivers who represent the public's last hope in a dystopian future that has taken the whole district thing into The Hunger Games slash Warriors territory There are a lot of moving pieces[...]