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Scream Park: Zach Villa on VR Experience of BlackBoxTV Meta Series
Zach Villa is always embracing new challenges regardless of the medium as an actor Over the past decade, the actor's been involved with various genres in comedies, drama, and horror from within film, television, and video games, including FOX's Bordertown, Square-Enix's Final Fantasy XV, FX's American Horror Story, Netflix's Archive 81, an indie horror thriller[...]
Hypochondriac Director Addison Heimann on Bringing His Story to Life
In his theatrical directorial debut, Hypochondriac, he wrote the character of Will, played by Zach Villa (American Horror Story), based on himself Will is a Hispanic gay potter with a great job and supportive boyfriend, Luke (Devon Graye), but he harbors a dark secret he's desperate to keep hidden It resurfaces when his mother returns[...]
Hypochondriac Star Zach Villa on Mental Health & Pottery in Thriller
Zach Villa has such a diverse range of roles as a rising star in Hollywood, including FX's Archer and American Horror Story, CBS' NCIS: Los Angeles, Fox's Bordertown, Showtime's Shameless, ABC's Station 19, and Netflix's Archive 81 In what is perhaps the most challenging role is the psychological LGBTQ horror thriller Hypochondriac, playing Will, a[...]
Hypochondriac: Paget Brewster on How Film Exceeded Her Expectations
Sampson, a medical professional trying to treat Will (Zach Villa), a young Hispanic gay potter battling mental illness he's desperate to stay hidden The actress spoke with Bleeding Cool about how she decided to chance a chance on the project during the pandemic, how Heimann is unlike other first-time directors she's dealt with and her[...]