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"Buffy the Vampire Slayer": 5 Sexy Scenes That Slayed [OPINION]

Back in the dayBuffy the Vampire Slayer was one of the sexiest shows on broadcast television. Airing on the fledgling WB network, Buffy and the equally angsty Dawson's Creek set the tone for the channel. But Buffy pushed boundaries right from the start. The dark lighting, abundant black leather, and sizzling chemistry between stars Sarah Michelle Gellar and David Boreanaz gave the series a sultry sex appeal that started with the very first episode.

As the show and the characters aged, scenes charged with sexual tension transformed into actual sex scenes. And – oh boy – did those sex scenes deliver. My teenage self, of an age with Buffy, reveled in the shows hottest scenes. As an adult, I can admit that many of these scenes were not always sex positive or healthy, but they are still hot. So, take a trip with me back in time, to the days before Game of Thrones, when young women having sex – and enjoying it – was groundbreaking for network television.

Let's explore the five hottest sex scenes from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" – but first!

WARNING: Some of the videos are marked "sensitive" by YouTube so be mindful of your surroundings!

"Buffy the Vampire Slayer": 5 Sexy Scenes That Slayed [OPINION]

#5 Giles and Joyce (Season 3, Episode 6: "Band Candy")

A classic episode, "Band Candy" chronicles what happens when the adults in Sunnydale all turn back into teenagers. And teenage Giles (Anthony Head) is a badass known as "Ripper." Millions of young women across America gasped in a single voice and whispered "when did Giles get hot." The possessive way Ripper held Buffy's mom Joyce (Kristine Sutherland) and kissed her was incredibly hot. Later in the season in "Earshot," we find out that Ripper and Joyce had sex on top of a police car. Twice. It is one of the hottest sex scenes never to actually be shown on television, and well deserving of the fifth spot on the list.

#4 Buffy and Angel (Season 3, Episode 10: "Amends")

First, I need to confess that "Amends" is my favorite episode of Buffy, one of my favorite episodes of television ever, and I remain a Bangel shipper. That's out of the way, so lets move on. Buffy and Angel have a twisted, tortured, star-crossed romance that suffers in the sex department. However, because they can't physically have sex, the sexual tension between the two in Buffy's third season is sizzling. In "Amends" that tension manifests as shared dream sex between the lovers. Rather than taking away from the sex scene, interspersed images of the sleeping Buffy and Angel somehow made it better. 

#3 Buffy and Riley (Season 4, Episode 13: "The 'I' In Team")

Yes, Riley (Marc Blucas) is the most annoying of Buffy's boyfriends – but the man loved to watch Buffy fight. In "The 'I' In Team," the couple fight side-by-side for the first time. By interspersing scenes of the pair fighting demons with scenes of them undressing each other and having sex, the viewer experiences the same rush the two characters are feeling. My love for this scene probably says more about me than the show itself, but I don't care. It's hot, and makes having to put up with the Riley character worth it. It is also way better than the sex marathon in "Where The Wild Things Are."

#2 Willow and Kennedy (Season 7, Episode 20: "Touched")

It doesn't matter whether you liked Kennedy (Iyari Limon) as a character or not, the sex scene between her and Willow (Alyson Hannigan) in "Touched" is hot. Buffy previously depicted some simulated and less explicit sex scenes between Willow and Tara (Amber Benson). However, "Touched" was the first time Buffy showed a same-sex couple in the same sort of sex scene they would do for a heterosexual couple. Many consider this scene to be the first lesbian sex scene on broadcast television, while others give that honor to Willow's scene with Tara in Season 6's "Once More, With Feeling."

#1 Buffy and Spike (Season 6, Episode 9: "Smashed")

Frequently found on lists of the hottest sex scenes in television history, Buffy and Spike's (James Marsters) first sex scene had to grab the number one spot on this list. In "Smashed" Buffy and Spike literally bring down the house in the midst of their pleasure. Anything but romantic, the scene is gritty, dirty, and filled with both literal and figurative debris. The pair go seamlessly from fighting each other and their intense attraction to having angry sex, crashing into everything along the way. The Spuffy celebration before the carnage that was the end of Buffy's 6th season, the sex scene in "Smashed" was exactly what fans wanted. In a way, it felt like every scene between Buffy and Spike since he first crashed into the series in Season 2 led to this moment. Enjoy the top Buffy The Vampire Slayer sex scene, and then go re-watch the show.

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