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Buffy the Vampire Slayer #27 is in stores from explosive publisher BOOM! Studios on Wednesday, as the cast of the comics grapples with the psychological ramifications of the concept of a fictional multiverse Buffy and Giles are taking it particularly badly in this preview of the issue If we could offer them any advice, it[...]
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Tea Time #1 is in stores from explosive publisher BOOM! Studios on Wednesday, and as sure as I'm being paid s pitiful wage to produce mindless prattle designed to optimize this comic book preview article for SEO purposes, so am I certain that's a vampire Giles I'm seeing down there And[...]
Last issue, the cast of explosive publisher BOOM! Studios' Buffy the Vampire Slayer comic found themselves in the most unpleasant reality possible: the set of a Joss Whedon TV show And in this preview of Buffy the Vampire Slayer #26, Faith and Kendra ponder the meaning of it all While stabbing vamps, of course Check[...]
Buffy of Future Past or Crisis on Infinite Buffy?
It seems that Xander Harris may soon not be the only member of the Buffy's Scooby Gang who's part of the vampire ranks A couple of weeks ago, Boom Studios released Buffy The Vampire Slayer #25 which they claimed would "kick off the biggest Buffy story of the century." Which begs us to ask the[...]
stacey abrams
Abrams, who will be executive producing the TV series, said that she wrote the book to "unravel a political mystery about power and secrets through the eyes of a protagonist dealing with her own demons." Abrams is also a devout fan of Buffy and Doctor Who. "After weathering the competitive storm to secure Stacey's novel, we[...]
Explosive publisher BOOM! Studios has a bold claim to make about Buffy the Vampire Slayer #25, the milestone issue of the rebooted Buffy comic by Jeremy Lambert, Jordie Bellaire, and Valentina Pinti hitting stores on Wednesday, May 12th According to the solicit, this comic will feature the "biggest Buffy story of the century," which, for[...]
Boom Studios Cited In #DisneyMustPay Legal Fight, Over Buffy Comics
Fox had licensed the comics rights to Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Dark Horse After Disney purchased Fox, they withdrew those rights from Dark Horse and granted them to Boom! Comics When one Buffy author contacted Boom! about missing royalties, they were told that "royalties don't transfer." Disney is one of the owners of Boom![...]
The Nevers
It survives and gets renewed because the audience will come back week after week to watch their favourite characters. "The Nevers" Image: HBO The Nevers is Whedon doing Steampunk, and in a way reclaiming the tropes he introduced in Buffy the Vampire Slayer that has become standard for female-oriented Young adult fantasy sagas An angst-ridden, unstoppable heroine,[...]
Kendare Blake, author of the Three Dark Crowns novel trilogy, the Anna Dressed in Blood duo, and the Goddess War trilogy is to write a new YA series in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer universe Indeed, it's in the future of the universe. In a world with many Slayers, in a New Sunnydale rebuilt on top[...]
Buffy The Vampire Slayer Comic Crosses Over With TV S03E06 Band Candy
Boom Studios has been making a big thing of Buffy The Vampire Slayer #25, out next month, but couldn't really say why because, you know, spoilers But #24 came out yesterday, and yes, this could be quite a thing for Buffy fans They have been pushing the concept of the Buffy multiverse, with differing versions[...]
Does Buffy The Vampire Slayer #25 Hold The Key To The Foil Multiverse?
Last month, Boom Studios announced Buffy The Vampire Slayer #25, out in May, and claimed that everything you knew about the Chosen One is wrong Okay, that latter bit was our reading in between the lines The publisher did promise the anniversary issue would "kick off the biggest Buffy story of the century" however. We've received[...]
Full Boom Studios June Solicits and Solicitations
Oh, and a new Giles series calleds Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Tea Time #1 by Mirka Andolfo and Siya Oum.   FCBD 2021 JUST BEYOND MONSTROSITY #1 BOOM! STUDIOS APR210018 (W) R L Stine (A) Irene Flores (CA) Julian Totino Tedesco THERE'S NO BUSINESS LIKE HORROR BUSINESS! Ruthie and Ezra Dillon's dad and uncle just bought an old Hollywood movie studio. And while[...]
Naya Rivera from Glee (Image: FOX TV).
Whether that's Glee, Pokémon GO, Buffy or more, the Daily Lying In The Gutters remains a long-running run around the day before and the day ahead You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail here. Daily LITG: Glee, Pokémon GO, Buffy – the ten most-read stories yesterday… LITG: Naya Rivera from Glee (Image: FOX TV). The[...]
To say that Buffy the Vampire Slayer (with a lead played by the amazing Sarah Michelle Gellar) is as impactful now as it has ever been would not be an understatement considering how well-received the cast is at conventions (in-person or online) and how successful spinoffs like BOOM! Studios comic book "Buffyverse" has been- with[...]
While many assume it's more a matter of "when" than "if" Joss Whedon will address Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel star Charisma Carpenter's public accusations of abuse and unprofessional behavior during their time together work on both series, Carpenter is going public once again- this time, to offer advice on how to be either an[...]