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Buffy: How Alyson Hannigan Repurposes Show Props for Halloween
Over the course of covering everything from random, fun speculation to serious, soul-searching matters concerning the show's creator, Joss Whedon, Alyson Hannigan Denisof is one member of the cast we don't get to hear a lot from when it comes to the "Buffy" years So any opportunity we get to cover her having a little[...]
Following up on Thomas and Bays' posts, HIMYM stars Radnor, Neil Patrick Harris, and Alyson Hannigan also shared their heartbreak over the loss of the actor/comedian. Bob Saget / HIMYM Images: Screencaps "We had a very special bond from Day 1, were never out of touch for long We found a way to grab dinner once a[...]
First, that Angel was definitely the one that Sarah Michelle Gellar's slayer of vampires should be with (sorry savior of Georgia Stacey Abrams, as well as Joss Whedon, James Marsters, and Alyson Hannigan– more on that below) Second, he should be played by someone else at this point Speaking with Variety, the actor was asked[...]
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Image: WarnerMedia)
Luv you @JasminMarsters1 ! — James Marsters (@JamesMarstersOf) November 11, 2020 Alyson Hannigan as Willow Rosenberg in Buffy: The Vampire Slayer Image courtesy of 20th Century Studios But series star Alyson Hannigan entered the fray to throw a third option into the mix Why not Willow? – Actually Buffy should have dated Willow. — alyson hannigan (@alydenisof) November 12,[...]
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Image: WarnerMedia)
Spike was the right man to be with as she became the power. — Stacey Abrams (@staceyabrams) November 9, 2020 One person who agreed whole-heartedly with Abrams's perspective was none other than Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator Joss Whedon (The Nevers), who tweeted his social media "amen." I AGREE! (during squee) — Joss Whedon (@joss) November 10, 2020 Seemed[...]
Buffy: How Alyson Hannigan Repurposes Show Props for Halloween
While many pour hundreds and some pour thousands into their decorations, all Alyson Hannigan had to do is star in Buffy: The Vampire Slayer It turned out the actress who played the once shy and awkward teenager-turned-most-powerful-witch-in-the-cosmos in Willow Rosenberg, kept quite a few props during the television show's entire seven-season run on WB and[...]
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Image: WarnerMedia)
Before the Worst-Case Scenario guides and Zombieland, we had Buffy (Sarah Michelle Gellar), Xander (Nicholas Brendon), and Willow (Alyson Hannigan) just trying to survive high school As we attempt to survive everything 2020 has in store for us, let's look back at 10 ways Buffy the Vampire Slayer prepared us for 2020. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Title[...]
"Buffy The Vampire Slayer" - Top Five Sexy Scenes That Slayed [OPINION]
It is also way better than the sex marathon in "Where The Wild Things Are." can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Buffy the Vampire Slayer || The I In Team 4×13 || Buffy and Riley scenes HD ( #2 Willow and Kennedy (Season 7, Episode 20: "Touched") It doesn't matter whether you liked Kennedy (Iyari Limon)[...]
Fox Chair on 'Buffy' Revival: "When Joss Decides It's Time, We'll Do It"
Whedon's beloved and influential series starred Sarah Michelle Gellar, David Boreanz, Alyson Hannigan, Charisma Carpenter, Anthony Stewart Head, Seth Green and James Marsters. Fox is no stranger to reviving series, with The X-Files, 24 and Prison Break on the broadcast side; and The Greatest American Hero for ABC on the development side Still, Newman cautions that revivals[...]