Cobra Kai: Trixie Mattel, Katya Would Train in Karate Kid Series' Dojo

"I should have learned karate. Drag is so stupid and this is so cool." – Trixie Mattel, 2021. Who would have guessed that Katya's dad is a legit karate master, and she herself made it all the way to achieving her brown belt? And then there's Trixie Mattel… who would snap someone's neck if they touched her vintage Barbie collection (if she even knew how). Discipline, ladies, karate starts with discipline… but today, it starts with Cobra Kai. More specifically, Trixie Mattel and Katya's thoughts on the "Karate Kid" sequel series' fight scenes.

Cobra Kai
One of these queens knows Karate, and the other is Trixie Mattel. (Image: screencap)

Now, this video definitely requires the "MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!" sign lit for all of the seasons (including the just dropped season 3), but you're good to keep reading as I'll avoid season 3 and major spoilers here. I'm not a monster, unlike a certain drag queen who admitted that if she knew karate, she'd likely be in federal prison for beating up children and killing 15 people. …Just kidding, you're totally not a monster, Trixie.

Cobra Kai
One of these queens knows Karate, and the other is Trixie Mattel. (Image: screencap)

Though Trixie especially gives me life in this video when she is continually surprised and absolutely gagged by all the fight scenes in the series. I mean, just look at her face – it is classic clowning perfection and honestly all the energy I need to survive 2021.

Trixie and Katya Live for Cobra Kai in Netflix' I Like to Watch
One of these queens knows Karate, and the other is Trixie Mattel. (Image: screencap)

Elizabeth Shue gets a shout out as they watch the opening flashback to the original movie – you go, Elizabeth Shue! Cameos aside, we see the two basically fangirl over all the fights in Cobra Kai and believe me, there are lots of fights. Trixie reveals she's basically a professional instigator and Katya is just here for it all.

I seriously need these queens to watch more action movies, because their reactions to every single fight sequence and action piece are downright adorable. Really though, I think they're just into the old 80s has-beens beating the crap out of various kids. And if you don't think Trixie and Katya are all in for the mall fight in season 2, you clearly don't know these queens. They are absolutely living for it, more than anything else.

All in all, it's a great promo for an excellent show. So, what are you waiting for? Go watch Netflix' I Like to Watch with Trixie and Katya over on YouTube and check out Cobra Kai's brand new season 3 only on Netflix itself.

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