Cody Rhodes Explains How AEW Dark Elevation is Different From Dark

AEW shocked the world last week when they announced the signing of Paul Wight, formerly The Big Show in WWE. Wight joined AEW not only as an in-ring competitor, but also to provide commentary for a new AEW YouTube show, AEW Dark Elevation.During a conference call Wednesday ahead of the AEW Revolution PPV, Cody Rhodes discussed what exactly makes AEW Dark: Elevation different from AEW Dark, and it looks to be a focus on the personal backgrounds of the competitors on the show.

Paul Wight and Tony Schiavone are the announced team for new show AEW Dark Evolution.
Paul Wight and Tony Schiavone are the announced team for new show AEW Dark Evolution.

"I would want people to tune in for the first AEW Dark Elevation, and, you know, Paul Wight joining us on commentary, first time for him, really, in his career, as an analyst and broadcast journalist as [Bobby] Heenan used to put it," said Rhodes on the call. "I think, to give you a little spoiler, potentially, on AEW Dark Elevation, again, I want everyone to watch and see, but it's going to be similar to Dark, but there should be more of a focus on individuals who are part of our roster. Tony Schiavone is the one who is spearheading that. I think you're gonna see some one-to-one pieces, some sit down interviews. I think you're gonna see a little bit more of a character insight, not unlike you see with American Ninja Warrior or even my other show on TBS, Go Big Show, where we learn a lot more, hopefully, about why these wrestlers are stepping into the ring, why these men and women are competing, what this means to them and their place in AEW. So I think that, and a few other items, of course, the biggest item being Paul Wight, will separate AEW Dark Elevation from its predecessor, AEW Dark."

Keeping checking back, as Bleeding Cool is attempting to break the Guinness World Record for most clickbait articles churned out of the transcript of a pro wrestling media call, so we'll have lots more on the way from Cody Rhodes and AEW in the coming days.

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