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WWE Mattel Reveals From SDCC Thrill New And Old Collectors
Why am I still talking, let's get to the reveals. Credit Mattel WWE Reveals Galore, We Are All Going To Be Broke The biggest reveal is that there is an Ultimates Cody Rhodes coming, and preorders will run for one full week starting today at noon on Mattel Creations He comes in what is pictured, including his entrance[...]
For WWE Superstar & "The American Nightmare" Cody Rhodes, this week has been one of good news and not-so-surprising but still bad news For those of you who need a recap, Rhodes suffered a tear to his pectoral ahead of his cage match against Seth Rollins during this past weekend's WWE "Hell in a Cell"[...]
Seth Rollins assaults Cody Rhodes on WWE Raw
Not content with competing inside Hell in a Cell with a torn pec, Cody Rhodes tried to enter himself in the Money in the Bank ladder match on WWE Raw Cody Rhodes has already proven there's nothing he won't do to win the love of wrestling fans, and at Hell in a Cell last weekend,[...]
Adrenaline, In Our Souls, We'll Never Again Doubt Cody Rhodes
Last night, when we learned that Cody Rhodes had a torn pec but would wrestle in the main event match of Hell in a Cell in the titular match against Seth Rollins, we said, and we quote: If Rhodes really is injured, then it's hard to imagine it being a good idea for him to compete[...]
Cody Rhodes Will Undergo Surgery Thursday & Will Be Out For Months
If you saw the excellent Hell In A Cell match between Seth "Freakin" Rollins and "The American Nightmare" Cody Rhodes last night, then you know that the bout's most jaw-dropping moment came at the start when Rhodes removed his jacket to reveal the grotesque bruises covering the entire right side of his chest and right arm, the result of[...]
Hell in a Cell: Cody Rhodes Headlines First WWE PLE Without Roman
In the immortal words of Chris Hyatte: MY GOD! THEY RIP OFF EVERYTHING! Following the news that CM Punk will not relinquish the AEW Championship despite a broken foot, WWE has now announced that Cody Rhodes will compete in a Hell in a Cell match against Seth Rollins tonight despite his pectoral tendon being apparently[...]
Cody Rhodes vs. Austin Theory US Title Match Set for WWE Raw
Shortly before the start of WWE Raw, WWE announced that Cody Rhodes will challenge Austin Theory… sorry… Theory… for the United States Championship Rhodes defeated Seth Rollins at WrestleMania Backlash last night, though the win was less decisive than his win over Rollins at Wrestlemania Still, Rhodes expressed interest in moving on from Rollins in[...]
WrestleMania Backlash: What Did We Learn From Last Night's Show?
 So where do we go from here?  Let's take a look at what went down last night and what we can take away from it going forward. What can we look forward to after last night's WrestleMania Backlash? Courtesy of WWE. Cody Rhodes Is Raw's Top Dog, But He Isn't Done With Seth Rollins Cody Rhodes vs Seth[...]
Cody Rhodes Reveals Plans to Win WWE Championship for Dad
Cody Rhodes won his second match against Seth Rollins at WrestleMania Backlash last night, pinning Rollins with a little bit of tights-grabbing to score the victory Though less decisive than his first win over Rollins at WrestleMania, this puts Rhodes up 2-0 over Rollings, though the feud feels like it isn't quite done yet Meanwhile,[...]
AEW Dynamite Homecoming
After all the wrestlers who were fired by WWE and then literally stabbed Vince McMahon right in the back by signing with AEW, the former stars like CM Punk disrespecting the wrestling business and everything Vince McMahon has done for it by returning to the business but at AEW instead of WWE, Dynamite beating The[...]
WWE SmackDown Preview 4/8: What Are Roman Reigns' Next Steps?
 Lacey Evans is all but guaranteed to be making her return to TV tonight after being out having a baby for the past year, so that should give the Women's Division a much-needed shake-up and possibly present a new challenger for SmackDown Women's Champion Charlotte Flair. Also of note is Cody Rhodes is scheduled to wrestle a dark match[...]
Our line-up of news, opinions & commentary for this morning includes The CW's Batwoman fans sending a message to The CW, Cody Rhodes getting his WWE WrestleMania moments, and Cole Sprouse hinting that it's time to wrap The CW's Riverdale In addition, we look at a new AMC's Better Call Saul teaser that gets nostalgic,[...]
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Yup, former AEW star & executive vice president Cody Rhodes made his official debut tonight (and to no one's surprise, he defeated Rollins because there was no way he was losing his first match… even in the WWE) after leaving his former wrestling home over failure to come to terms on a new contract[...]
Seth Rollins Banking on Cody Rhodes Showing Up at WrestleMania
Seth Rollins finally got his WrestleMania match, and all signs point to it being Cody Rhodes And now, the match is all but official You know what that means, right?! ADRENALINE! IN MY SOUL! FINALLY IT'S CODE RH– WAIT! Unfortunately, it looks like Cody won't actually be showing up to promote the match because Vince McMahon has booked Seth[...]
AEW Dynamite Homecoming
But even still, with WrestleMania season heating up, competition never stronger from AEW, and a founder of that competition suddenly and unexpectedly leaving the company and rumored to have a new deal with WWE, one might be tempted to think WWE would capitalize on the interest in that story by trotting Cody Rhodes out as[...]
AEW Dynamite: Cody Rhodes Put Through Flaming Table w/ Bad Sunburn
Miz said he'll bring in a tag team partner to help even the odds, and it's possible that superstar in question is former AEW EVP Cody Rhodes. Cody Rhodes appears on AEW Dynamite "When my hand goes up, your mouth shut," said The Miz "Oh yeah Legendary Rey Mysterio cheated his way to a victory with the[...]
Fantasy Booking a Cody Rhodes WrestleMania Championship Return
This morning, the news shocked the world: Cody Rhodes has left AEW and is considering a return to WWE And The Chadster has just one thing to say about it: it's about time! Yes, it's true that Cody Rhodes has been very disrespectful to WWE since his departure First, he had the nerve to become[...]
Instead of Turning Heel, Cody Rhodes Just Insulted WWE Again
Cody Rhodes, (former?)Executive Vice President, and Brandi Rhodes, (former?) Chief Brand Officer, have both announced their departure from AEW Both Rhodes family members posted statements on Twitter, with some reports indicating Cody could be headed back to WWE. Cody Rhodes appears on AEW Dynamite [Photo: All Elite Wrestling]Cody Rhodes wrote: I have loved my time at AEW. Amazing[...]
Cody Rhodes Wins TNT Championship at AEW Rampage Holiday Bash
Cody Rhodes may be the TNT Champion, an AEW executive, and a top star for the company, but if a report from Fightul's Sean Ross Sapp is to believed, he's also a free agent working for AEW without a contract Sapp reported the news on the subscriber-only Patreon service Fightful Select. Cody Rhodes is a free[...]
Dustin Rhodes to Replace Cody at AEW Battle of the Belts
TNT Champion Cody Rhodes is out of tonight's Battle of the Belts special on TNT due to "medical protocols," AEW announced on Friday, a phrase which we can only presume has something to do with the Omicron variant, even though symptoms of the virus are said to be very mild in people with ugly neck[...]
AEW Dynamite: Andrade Finally Addresses the Elephant in the Room
After a year and a half of shock, fear, and revulsion, someone in AEW has finally addressed the massive elephant that has been filling the room since AEW Revolution in February of 2020: Cody Rhodes' neck tattoo The American Nightmare's body art, which features a winged skull decorated like the American flag and is situated[...]
Brandi Rhodes Launches New Wine with Nocking Point Wines
The AEW Chief Brand Officer will launch a new wine to coincide with the launch of Rhodes to the Top, the upcoming TNT reality show starring Brandi and her husband, Cody Rhodes The wine, titled "Whoa Baby," is described as "a badass rosé from Washington State" and will be produced with Nocking Point Wines, the[...]
AEW Dynamite Homecoming
Cody Rhodes got emotional again on AEW Dynamite last night, nearly breaking into tears while he tried to announce his retirement before getting attacked by Malachai Black It's not the first time Rhodes has broken down during a promo on Dynamite, begging the question: is Cody really that emotional, or is all of this a[...]
Cody Rhodes nearly breaks down with guild after stealing the American Dream trademark from WWE on AEW Dynamite
Cody Rhodes is "not trying to mansplain racism to anyone." Let's get that out of the way right now But on a media call for this weekend's AEW Double or Nothing, the former TNT Champion and AEW EVP discussed his "American Dream" promo from AEW Dynamite that's proven polarizing for wrestling fans Rhodes responded to[...]
Cody Rhodes nearly breaks down with guild after stealing the American Dream trademark from WWE on AEW Dynamite
There is no AEW focus group to evaluate Cody Rhodes promos, said Cody Rhodes, responding to a rumor started by Cody Rhodes Once again, Rhodes took aim at butthurt WWE fans (Hi Chad), just as he did in the case of rumors he is not on speaking terms with the Young Bucks Rhodes said that[...]
Cody Rhodes nearly breaks down with guild after stealing the American Dream trademark from WWE on AEW Dynamite
Cody Rhodes knows exactly who to blame for those rumors floating around that he and fellow AEW EVPs The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega are no longer on speaking terms: WWE fans butthurt that NXT lost the Wednesday Night Wars to AEW Dynamite Rhodes addressed the rumors during a media conference call promoting this weekend's[...]
Cody Rhodes nearly breaks down with guild after stealing the American Dream trademark from WWE on AEW Dynamite
AEW star and Executive Vice President Cody Rhodes hosted a media conference call ahead of this weekend's AEW Double or Nothing PPV, and the first thing he addressed was the launch of AEW's long-awaited "third hour," AEW Rampage, August 13th on TNT Rhodes also discussed that show and AEW Dynamite moving to "the Mothership," TBS,[...]
Cody Rhodes nearly breaks down with guild after stealing the American Dream trademark from WWE on AEW Dynamite
Last night on AEW Dynamite, Cody Rhodes cut an epic promo challenging Anthony Ogogo to a match at Double or Nothing It was an impassioned speech that offered a unique twist on wrestling's past patriotic obsessions, in which Cody boldly dipped his toes into the discussion of racial divisions, before tying it all together with[...]