Colbert Confirms Peppa Pig Not Doing Too Well with UK Heat Wave

The weather has turned extra spicy this summer (thanks, climate change), with the UK experiencing the hottest day on record so far yesterday. The heat is inescapable for everyone – including children's cartoon icon Peppa Pig. Now, you may be wondering, "did the creators of the show make a heat-safe PSA starring Peppa and her family, so children are aware of how dangerous the heat is and stay safe and cool?" Which would be a good, valid question to ask. The answer, however, is no. Late-night chat show host and American comedian Steven Colbert and his brilliant staff at The Late Show created the cartoon short of Peppa Pig's "Very Hot Day" in a segment broadcast on the program Tuesday night (and released on social media & YouTube not long after). In the segment, Mummy and Daddy Pig (Peppa's parents) call the adolescent piglet inside because she's been out in the heat for far too long on this, the UK's hottest day on record.

Peppa Pig Fries to a Crisp During UK Heat Wave
Image: Screencaps

To her parents' horror, Peppa was out in the heat so long that she literally fried up and turned into a plate of bacon. Oh, dear! Whatever will they do now? After an initial shock, Daddy Pig has the bright idea to make eggs. What a thing to do to save the day! One can only hope they bring Peppa inside for breakfast quickly before she gets soggy and cold (a worry that English parents are generally more accustomed to). Does this mean that Peppa Pig has beef with Colbert & Crew now? Will tension between the two shows reach a boiling point? Only time will tell… though it would be impressive for bacon to have beef.

Peppa Pig airs on Channel 5 in the UK and Nick Jr. in North America, while Colbert's The Late Show airs on CBS nightly and is available to stream on Paramount+.

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