The CW Has No Plans to Cancel Any of Its DC Shows

The CW has five shows based on characters from DC universe. Every time they add one, fans have to wonder if a new show being added means another is going to end. But it sounds like fans of the DCTV universe shouldn't be worried right now, because according to Deadline there aren't any plans to end the DCTV shows.

"We have five on the air but we also added a sixth night (of network programming)," the CW president Mark Pedowitz said during the network's TCA executive session."Shows do eventually end but we have no plans to end any of them right now. We'll see where we come out as the season goes on."


The idea of spinning off from various shows is not a new one — this is how the DCTV universe came to be, after all. This year The CW passed on the second spinoff based on Supernatural. The team of the Sabrina the Teenage Witch spinoff from Riverdale, which The CW was working on, was approached with a deal they couldn't refuse: a two-season order on Netflix. Pedowitz said that "he recognized how great that offer was and released the project back to them." That doesn't mean that Riverdale spinoffs are off the table though.

"In terms of (new) spinoffs out of Riverdale, I'm waiting to hear what Roberto has in mind. He has something in mind," Pedowitz said.

The CW is expanding its programming to six days a week, so, of course, it was asked if they were considering moving to Saturday as well and taking on seven days.

"It's too soon. We have to see how Sunday works out," Pedowitz said.

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