Dave Bautista, Ken Jeong to Team Up Against John Cena & Donald Trump

Could we be looking at a tag team match between Dave Bautista and Ken Jeong against John Cena and President Donald Trump in the near future? The bromance between Bautista and Jeong has always been strong on Twitter, where Bautista and Jeong frequently trade barbs about Trump, a WWE Hall-of-Famer, who both men despise. However, after Jeong appeared on an episode of WWE's podcast, The Bump, on Wednesday, it finally looks like this angle may be building to something.

Dave Bautista is involved in a long-running feud with fellow WWE Hall-of-Famer President Donald Trump
Dave Bautista is involved in a long-running feud with fellow WWE Hall-of-Famer President Donald Trump.

Jeong still has beef with Cena over a confrontation between the two in 2009 that ended with Cena tossing Jeong out of the ring, and when the issue was brought up on The Bump, Jeong became extremely agitated and seemed to issue a threat to Cena.

"There's still beef between me and Cena," Jeong, who recently co-starred with Bautista in the movie My Spy. "That was not supposed to… I told WWE not to show this footage. Guys? Guys? You know what? Seriously? I told you guys not to show that footage. I'm a doctor from Hollywood. I'm smarter than everybody. John Cena, although he's more famous and richer than me, I still hate him. That was not supposed to happen. And Cena, if I ever see you in a Smackdown or Raw ring, you know what? I got some famous friends now. I got some famous friends. That's all I'm saying."

WWE stirred the pot further, tweeting, "You heard it here first… Ken Jeong has challenged John Cena to a match following their in-ring encounter on #WWERaw in 2009. Hey Dave Bautista, got any tips or strategies for Ken on how to take down the 16-time Champ?! #WWETheBump"

Bautista hasn't yet responded to the request for help, but he did endorse 12h by Jeong earlier today, suggesting the two should run for President and vice president, saying, I'm @DaveBautista, and I approve this message. 🇺🇸"However, there could already be friction building between this newly formed team, as the two did appear to get into a dispute earlier over which of them is "the best." "@DaveBautista is the BEST," Jeong tweeted, only for Bautista to respond, "No!! King @kenjeong is the best!! #Bromance Face with tears of joy you really are Kenny. You're insight is powerful. Thank you."

There may be some doubts as to whether Trump can still go in the ring, as he hasn't appeared on WWE since becoming President in 2016. However, after the President recovered so quickly from COVID-19, a lot of people are saying there's no reason to think the 74-year-old couldn't get in ring shape better than we've ever seen. So look for Dave Bautista and Ken Jeong vs. John Cena and Donald Trump as early as WrestleMania, provided Trump loses his feud with Joe Biden at the upcoming Election PPV in November.

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