Doctor Who: Steven Moffat on Return Rumors, RTD's "Fantastic" Scripts

If you checked out our Doctor Who coverage from over the weekend, then you know that incoming/returning showrunner Russell T. Davies and new Doctor Ncuti Gatwa were "hanging out" with some familiar faces that had folks like us thinking that some Series 14 work was getting done. Or who knows? Maybe it was all just a friendly hang-out or pure coincidence (neither of which we're buying). So when we start discussing the future of the long-running BBC series, we have to bring up ex-head writer & executive producer Steven Moffat, who has been out there singing Davies' praises since the news was first announced. So with that said, should fans expect a potential Moffat return to the role in the future? Or would he consider returning to the show as a writer once Davies takes over? Moffat addressed both questions during a recent interview with while promoting the upcoming David Tennant-starring BBC thriller, Inside Man.

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"I'm delighted Russell's taking it over again. I'm not going to do that. I'm not lying! I'm thoroughly enjoying having more freedom than I had," Moffat explained when asked about any interest he might have in taking over for Davies when his run eventually winds down. "I mean, I loved that job to bits, but it was relentless. It was at the same time as 'Sherlock' and, for a moment there, those were the two shows in that area that were massive. They were massive. So they both needed to be thought about every single day. And by the time I did my sixth and last season of 'Doctor Who' – which was two beyond what I had planned to do – I was surviving episode-to-episode. I was tired." And just in case that wasn't clear enough, Moffat added, "I loved it. I loved every aspect of that job, but I will not be returning to it, no."

Okay, so that takes care of the head writer, showrunner & executive producer question. But that doesn't mean Moffat can't return as a per-episode writer… right? "I think it's quite recent for me. Russell's had a long gap. He's had a very long gap, actually – all of me, and I was there for ages, and then Chris [Chibnall]. He had a massive, long gap, and I think he's genuinely reinvigorated," Moffat replied, noting that he would appreciate more time away from the show before a possible writing return. "For me, it feels like yesterday. It feels like yesterday that I wrote 'Doctor Who.'" Of course, what helps with his decision is what he's seen so far script-wise of what's to come, with Moffat teasing, "I've read the scripts, and they're fantastic." Here's a look back at Davies' post from over the weekend that we started off the post with:

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