Drag Race Holland Contestants Announced & They're Looking "Fel"

Since RuPaul's Drag Race is one of Bleeding Cool's favorite shows, we've got some fresh but "off the beaten path" news for you. Are you ready to give a big international Drag Race "verwelkoming" to the queens of RuPaul's Drag Race Holland? Ready or not, here they come and they are all looking fabulous! Not to judge before getting to see everything the queens are all about, but from the looks of it, Holland has a lot of queens who focus less on female impersonation and more on flipping the script on gender completely on its head.

Drag Race Holland Cast Announced
Drag Race Holland Cast Announced

Drag Race Holland joins Chile, Canada, Thailand, and the United Kingdom in showcasing their country's own drag queens. Each "international spinoff" features a host and panel of judges from that country to parallel Drag Race America's host RuPaul and his panel of judges. The host for Drag Race Holland is Fred van Leer, celebrity stylist and former Holland's Next Top Model judge and mentor.

For the first time in any iteration of the Drag Race franchise, we have our first "bearded queen," which means that the performer's natural facial hair is integrated into the drag persona and makeup. Most famously, Conchita Wurst, Austrian drag performer and Eurovision 2014 winner, is known for bearded drag, though not the first to originate the style.

No, Conchita is not performing – apologies to those of you who got excited. But without further ado, here are the queens who will be competing: Miss Abby OMG, originally from Brazil; Roem, an internet queen from Breda; Ma'MaQueen, a nonbinary performer from Rotterdam; Megan Schoonbrood, a pageant juggernaut also from Rotterdam; and Sederginne, a Flemish comedy queen from Antwerpen. Quite a few of the queens this season are from Amsterdam: ChelseaBoy, a futuristic androgynous performer; the ever-energetic dancer Janey Jacké; Envy Peru, whose drag sister Miss Abby OMG is also competing; Patty Pam-Pam, the couture "queen of the south"; and Madame Madness, our bearded and fabulous queen.

RuPaul's Drag Race Holland premieres worldwide September 18 on Videoland in the Netherlands and globally on the World of Wonder streaming app.

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