Is The Flash Twice As Popular As Legends Of Tomorrow?

As I went through the ratings for last night, something hit me. The Flash came in at 2.5 mil/0.9 while DC's Legends of Tomorrow had 1.55 mil/0.5. This got me to wondering: where are the 1 million viewers going? Looking at the ratings on the other networks, none of them have a spike at the 9 p.m. hour to account for all the people who changed the channel. Do those people just turn the television off? Is there some cable channel show they go to that I've not heard of? I mean, if you're a DC comics fan or an Arrowverse fan, why wouldn't you watch Legends? You have Firestorm and Heat Wave from the Flash on the show. Captain Cold keeps popping up. Wally West even made an appearance in the season premiere.


Are the shows so different that there are people who dislike Legends so much they just turn off the TV?

Now, maybe these are young viewers who have 9 p.m. bedtimes and get to stay up just long enough to see Barry Allen and then have to jump into bed. Man, would that drive me crazy when I was a kid. This seems like a likely scenario, but not for almost 1 million viewers. And the second numbers in the ratings is in the demographic of 18 to 45. So it can't really be just that.

This season of Legends has been a lot of fun, and I almost feel bad for those people who are watching The Flash and then stepping away. Then again, to me it's one big universe and I watch it all. And if you're a parent of a kid who has to go to bed before Legends… consider letting them stay up. They may even learn something about history.

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