Fox Corp Shows Lou Dobbs Tonight What Cancel Culture Really Looks Like

In a move that we're sure has nothing to do in any way, shape, or form with him being one of the three "news" channel's on-air folks that are being sued along with the Fox Corporation unit by voting technology company Smartmatic for #2.7 billion, citing damaging statements and accusations about election fraud and rigging made on air during programs anchored by him, Maria Bartiromo, and Jeanine Pirro (along with guests Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani), Fox "News" is parting ways with Lou Dobb's Fox Business show Lou Dobbs Tonight and replace it with a rotating cast of characters.

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"As we said in October, Fox News Media regularly considers programming changes and plans have been in place to launch new formats as appropriate post-election, including on Fox Business," Fox News said in a statement to the Los Angeles Times (who originally reported the story. "This is part of those planned changes." Starting this Monday, interim program Fox Business Tonight will replace Dobbs at his old 5 p.m. slot, anchored Monday and Tuesday by Jackie DeAngelis and on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday by David Asman. Along with the lawsuit, Fox News has seen a recent downturn in its ratings as the Trump faithful fine-tune the tinfoil in their hats to more extreme propaganda channels like OAN and Newsmax. Fox "News" is in the midst of a massive overhaul of its weekday and weekend line-up

What this means the world of journalism will have to deal with the loss of the kind of hard-hitting reporting and interviewing the likes of which hasn't been seen since a 2 am infomercial for something that can cook a chicken in eight seconds. Just look at this "question" from Dobbs during an August 2020 interview with Trump. Now, most questions actually come in the form of a question- but not Dobbs. His questions come in the form of statements- long-winded, excessively suck-uppy, and with the vibe of someone who needs to remember to pick up Trump's laundry before noon tomorrow. And screw questions marks- his "questions" end with an exclamation mark and an eagle baked in an apple pie. Just to be clear? What you're about to read is real:

We were in Pennsylvania, Tennessee. No matter where we go, the level of enthusiasm, they meet you at the plane. And, literally, as far as the eye can see, the people are along the roadways. It's a beautiful thing to see. There's tremendous spirit in our country, tremendous spirit.

And that spirit is expressed in a number of ways, but one certainly is the market itself. We are, as you alluded to earlier, watching this market move forward, advance, and stocks appreciate significantly, despite the setbacks that have occurred, despite the level of fear that the radical left, it seems, is very involved in encouraging.

It's really quite something to watch because we have never gone through this before. And you are leading the nation in a direction that I think most Americans, if they could vote right now, would say, that's the way we want to go. This is a nation you promised that you would restore prosperity. You not only promised that, you promised you would restore prosperity for all Americans.

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