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Greg Weisman Offers Gargoyles, Young Justice, Rebels Residuals Reality

Greg Weisman offered some brutal Star Wars Rebels, Gargoyles & Young Justice residual check realities in a series of posts earlier tonight.

As the WGA and AMPTP restart negotiations, SAG-AFTRA is still waiting to hear from the studios on when their negotiations are going to be restarted. And while there have been a number of issues raised by both unions that need to be addressed by the AMPTP, it's the horror stories involving residual pay that's been a lot of much-deserved attention. Time and time again, we've seen instances of residual checks being sent with amounts that wouldn't cover the cost of printing the check (with some not even having an amount). On top of that, we see just how screwed up the system is that allows creators to never reap even some of the financial benefits from a project that's proven successful (and that streamers will be making money off of for years). Earlier tonight, Greg Weisman took to Twitter to address the matter – dropping some seriously sobering reality checks when it comes to Star Wars Rebels, Gargoyles, and Young Justice residual checks.

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It began with Weisman sharing a look at a 29-cent residual check that he had received earlier in the day – and from there, he offered some personal perspective on just how lopsided things have become between creative & corporate:

Over a series of tweets, we learn that the residual check was for Star Wars Rebels Season 1. As if that wasn't bad enough, Weisman clarified what the check was for: "This wasn't for writing, of course. It was for ACTING! (I get no domestic residuals for writing at all in animation. NONE)." And that's when Weisman laid out where the problem lies – and why SAG-AFTRA & WGA are looking for a better deal than what the AMPTP has been offering. "I got paid at the time. We're talking residuals here. They keep making money off of work I did for them years and years ago. I get no residuals or royalties for producing or writing SWRebels. But I do get acting residuals. Hence, the enormous check." It's an important point that Weisman reiterated in a later tweet:

Expanding upon what the check he received represents, Weisman shared that he believed that the check covered a three-month time period – and that if you "multiply that by four to get my annual residual income from Disney, i.e. approximately $1.16. Huzzah!!" And before you ask? Weisman deposits every check: "I deposit them religiously. Money is money." As for Gargoyles and Young Justice, Weisman also clarified that "I don't ever get any residuals off Gargoyles no matter how much you watch," but he does get a quarterly residual check from Young Justice. And while it's easily more than what he received from Star Wars: Rebels, that's not saying much considering how low the residual bar had already been set,

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