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Young Justice: Phantoms
So the last time we checked in on how things were going with showrunners Greg Weisman & Brandon Vietti's fourth season of HBO Max's Young Justice (entitled "Phantoms"), Young Justice comics illustrator & Season 4 Storyboard Revisionist Christopher Jones was reminding fans that a fifth season has not been given a green light and that watching[...]
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We think it's pretty safe to say that showrunners Greg Weisman & Brandon Vietti as well as the entire team responsible for the fourth season of the popular now-HBO Max animated series, Young Justice: Phantoms are hoping that your patience paid off and that you're enjoying the season so far In fact, they hope you enjoy[...]
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After one helluva' superkick to the feels at the end of Episode 4 "Involuntary," it's pretty safe to say that viewers of HBO Max's Young Justice: Phantoms have some questions for showrunners Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti– one that moment as well as quite a few more that went down over the first four episodes[...]
The Young Justice Phantoms logo. Credit: DC/Warner Bros.
So DC FanDome thinks Young Justice: Phantoms fans have waited long enough Along with the release of the eagerly-awaited official trailer came an even bigger surprise HBO Max has made the first two episodes of the animated superhero series available right now for your viewing pleasure. Following this double-header, new episodes of Young Justice: Phantoms will release[...]
Our line-up of news & opinion topics for today include HBO Max's Young Justice & Peacemaker, Netflix's Manifest, USA Network's Nash Bridges, Amazon's The Legend of Vox Machina & The Expanse, and Paramount Plus' Star Trek: Picard And then we wrap things up with our review of Disney Plus' What If…? Season 1 finale. Images: HBO[...]
Young Justice: Phantoms
Normally, we would be checking in with Young Justice: Phantoms writer/producer Greg Weisman for an update on how production is going on the upcoming 26-episode fourth season of the popular animated series But with only a week to go until DC FanDome, things are starting to get serious How serious? How about some very cool key[...]
BCTV Daily Dispatch 4 Sept 21: Rick and Morty No More? Bautista Blasts
We're talking Dave Bautista and Young Justice… Rick and Morty and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia… Lucifer and the Dead Boy Detectives… The Wheel of Time and The Masked Singer… and a whole lot more! Image: DC Comics/Adult Swim/HBO Max/Amazon/FOX TV/FX Networks/Netflix/Screencap Now here's a look at BCTV Daily Dispatch's articles for Saturday, September 4, 2021: Pokémon Evolutions:[...]
The Young Justice Phantoms logo. Credit: DC/Warner Bros.
Just to offer you a small timeline of how production has been going with HBO Max's Young Justice, it was April and we were referencing some of the things fans learned (like the title Young Justice: Phantoms, logo key art, etc.) from the first edition of DC Fandome Flash ahead five months and we find[...]
The Young Justice Phantoms logo. Credit: DC/Warner Bros.
WarnerMedia's DC FanDome brought news that (now) HBO Max's Young Justice would be titled Young Justice: Phantoms for the fourth season- along with logo key art, an update on production, and even a table read for a special "minisode" to help bridge the storylines between seasons But that was September 2020- so where do things[...]
my hero academia
That's why we need a little imagination in our team-ups: what if all the next generation of animated teen heroes across the board were to link up to defeat villains? Brilliant, right? Teen Titans are of course the first team that comes to mind – they have "teen" in their name! Young Justice is another[...]
The Young Justice Phantoms logo. Credit: DC/Warner Bros.
Back in the dark, dank days of 2020 (September, to be precise), WarnerMedia's DC FanDome brought the news that fans of (now) HBO Max's Young Justice had been waiting for Along with revealing that the season would be titled Young Justice: Phantoms and logo key art, the cast and creative team wanted fans to know[...]
Jinny Hex Special #1 Review: Neatly Tied Up Done-In-One
She only nailed one three word punchline, most of the best dialogue ("Randall Flagg," "powerless position") falling to an ascendant supporting character. This was solid work that took steps to establish the character past the problematic Confederate underpinnings of the franchise, but it fell just shy of greatness. RATING: HONORABLE MENTION. Jinny Hex Special #1 By Magdalene Visaggio, Gleb[...]
Watch Harley Quinn | Season 2 Full Trailer | DC Universe | TV-MA
This means that all of DC Universe's scripted originals and library titles will be moving to HBO Max, which also includes Doom Patrol's third season, Young Justice, and (according to The Hollywood Reporter) Stargirl though it's still not clear if the latter will be shared with The CW similar to how the first season was[...]
The Young Justice Phantoms logo. Credit: DC/Warner Bros.
Now comes news that should make fans of animated series Young Justice happy: the long-awaited fourth season has a title (Young Justice: Phantoms) and key art- both unveiled during the show's panel at the online, on-demand virtual convention While a premiere date and details weren't available, the cast and creative team wanted fans to know[...]
It's Official - Drake No More, Just Call Him Robin
In the new Young Justice #18 published today, people such as Spoiler are happy to call him Drake (it is still his surname after all)…but maybe only in this context. It's Official – Drake No More, Just Call Him Robin (Teen Titans #18) But kissing aside, it seems that both Batman and Spoiler have persuaded Tim Drake[...]