Hawkeye & Daredevil Kingpins "Same Guy": Vincent D'Onofrio Talks Canon

Look, at this point, the fact that Vincent D'Onofrio returned as Wilson Fisk aka Kingpin in this week's final episode of Disney+ and Marvel Studios' Hailee Steinfeld (Kate Bishop) & Jeremy Renner (Clint Barton)-starring Hawkeye is the most poorly-kept secret going right now so we're done dancing on "spoiler eggshells" over it. Now that said, we're not going to get into specific details about what may or may not have happened to him or others, or things like that. With that, we're still going to observe "spoiler rules." That said, there's been this issue floating around about characters from Netflix's old MCU shows like Daredevil making their way to the current MCU and how much of their "Netflix canon" would be coming along with them (we already had another issue about MCU canon earlier today). In fact, even before D'Onofrio's appearance, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige had gone on record as saying that Charlie Cox is his MCU's Matt Murdock (as we saw recently). But Cox was one of the first to offer fans a heads-up that his return as Murdock and D'Onofrio's return as Fisk doesn't necessarily mean that they're getting the Netflix series version of those characters. So we thought we had it all figured out… at least until D'Onofrio threw that concept for a loop.

Hawkeye – Image: Marvel Studios

Speaking with The Wrap, D'Onofrio was asked about his turn as Fisk in the Disney+ series as opposed to his original take on the Netflix series. "One of the things that we all were clear about — the writers, producers and the directors — was that he was going to be the same guy since we weren't changing the canon of 'Daredevil," D'Onofrio revealed. "We were trying to connect as many of the dots as we could I'm adamant about his emotional life, and that I play him through this emotional life that he has. And everybody was very excited about that and wanting to do the same. There are things that are different, he is physically stronger. And he can take more physical abuse than before, but he is emotionally he's the same character."

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