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Kate Bishop Makes A Name For Herself with New Iron Studios Statue 
I really loved the Disney+ Hawkeye series as it gives us Endgame aftermath and a new character Kate Bishop is a prominent character in Marvel Comics and is easily the right person for the next generation of Avengers Her attitude and skill were perfect to go with Clint Barton's, and Marvel Studios did a great[...]
Hawkeye Tries to Make it Home for Christmas with Iron Studios 
Hawkeye was a great series as it really focused on one of the more mysterious Avengers I also loved how it really dealt with more of the aftermath effects of Avengers: Endgame, unlike some of the other series It looks like Iron Studios is giving Clint Barton a little more time to shine as they[...]
Snowpiercer: Aleks Pauvonic on Boki’s Name Origins & Teases Season 4
Image courtesy of TNT / WarnerMedia "I was shooting the 'Hawkeye' series with Jeremy Renner during season three, and the way it worked out was that [producers behind] 'Snowpiercer' was generous enough that let me come back for the final episode, which really was very important to me," Paunovic said He played Ivan Banionis, a member[...]
A little more than a week ago when the broadcast & streaming world was elbows-deep in Upfronts, Marvel Studios & Disney+ dropped some major intel on what was happening with Alaqua Cox-starring "Hawkeye" spinoff series Echo With production now officially underway in Atlanta and with the series set for a 2023 premiere, Cox's unforgiving Maya Lopez,[...]
Well, here's some great news for fans wanting to know more about what's happening with Marvel Studios & Disney+'s Alaqua Cox-starring "Hawkeye" spinoff series Echo Earlier today, the studio & streamer officially confirmed that production was underway in Atlanta and that the series would have a 2023 premiere Cox stars as the unforgiving Maya Lopez, who[...]
WandaVision Started MCU’s Current “Evil Marvel Moms” Trend
And that speaks to a bigger issue at play because while Phase 4 of the MCU has struggled with consistency & thematic coherence, the one trope it seems comfortable consistently tapping into is "Evil Marvel Moms." You could just shrug and say, "Well, there are bad moms in the world, so why not tell stories[...]
moon knight
So that meant it could only be considered for "Best Drama." This year, the studio & streamer have two series they're submitting for "Best Limited Series": the Jeremy Renner & Hailee Steinfeld-starring Hawkeye and the Oscar Isaac-starring (and recently wrapped) Moon Knight That might be one of the reasons everyone is speaking so vaguely about[...]
Kotobukiya Debuts Kate Bishop Hawkeye Marvel Bishoujo Statue 
Releasing as part of their Bishoujo statue series, Hawkeye is taking Lucky the Pizza Dog for a walk This colorful and animated statue stands roughly 7" tall and features her classic costume from 2012 Kotobukiya has captured Lucky and Kate Bishop in a fun stance that gives life to this design and will be a[...]
So in the same Instagram stories clip that appeared to confirm the start of filming, it looks like viewers also learned that Devery Jacobs (Reservation Dogs) has joined the cast of Marvel Studios & Disney+'s Alaqua Cox-starring "Hawkeye" spinoff series Echo Though official details on their character haven't been officially released, Jacobs is expected for a[...]
Robotech: Sony Hires Hawkeye Director Rhys Thomas For Film
Sony has hired Hawkeye director Rhys Thomas for their big live action film adaptation The film is currently in development with the script by Marcum & Holloway, with a rewrite by Gatewood & Tanaka Harmony Gold is also involved This is another long-gestating project, with the most recent director being attached being Andy Muschetti back[...]
Hawkeye Episode 6 Review: We Three Kingpin's [SPOILERS]
So when it comes to Disney+'s "Hawkeye" spinoff series Echo, we've been having a pretty good flow of updates for a series that still doesn't have a ton of "on the record" stuff from the streamer yet Like earlier this month, there was a listing from someone connected with the production that Charlie Cox's (Daredevil)[...]
Hawkeye Kate Bishop 1/6 Scale Figure Coming Soon from Hot Toys
Hot Toys has revealed their newest Marvel Studios 1/6 scale figure, with their first figure coming to us from Hawkeye Kate Bishop is ready to take her shot and join your growing Marvel collection with a highly detailed and impressive 11" tall figure Hot Toys has captured the likeness of the talented and gorgeous Hailee[...]
Kate reunites with her friends for some payback in this preview of Hawkeye: Kate Bishop #5, the series finale Kate will prove that you can, in fact, go home again… or die trying That would be a helluva way to end a mini-series Check out the preview below. Hawkeye: Kate Bishop #5 by Marieke Nijkamp & Enid[...]
"So, I can't be held responsible for that." Despite now fessing up to his appearance. Image courtesy of Sony Pictures Even if it's as obvious as day, do you expect the Star Trek and X-Men icon to violate his non-disclosure agreement? It was also pretty obvious when Vincent D'Onofrio was cast in the Disney+ series Hawkeye with minimal[...]
Iron Studios Celebrates 10 Years of The Avengers with New Statue Set
All six members of Earth's Mightiest Heroes are back with highly detailed statues featuring Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Thor, and Hulk These statues capture one of the biggest MCU events and will end up costing collectors about $950 to own the entire set Each member of The Avengers can be purchased separately,[...]