Impact Genesis Results: Blake Christian vs. Crazzy Steve

Welcome back to Bleeding Cool's live coverage of Impact Genesis. It's been quite a night so far, but it ain't over yet, which is unfortunate, because I started drinking heavily about an hour ago and I'm not sure how much longer I can be trusted to responsibly do my job as a journalist.

Nevertheless, when duty calls, Jude Terror responds! If I'm around. And I feel like it. Oh, screw it. Here's a paragraph of keyword-rich SEO-optimized copypasta about Impact Genesis:

Impact Wrestling's first Impact Plus special of 2021, Genesis, emanates from Skyway Studios in Nashville, TN on Saturday, January 9th. With the Hard to Kill PPV only a week away, Genesis is focused primarily on the return of the Super X Cup tournament, which will take place entirely during the show. The tournament's brackets pit Ace Austin against Suicide, Daivari vs. Cousin Jake, Crazzy Steve vs. Trey Lamar, and KC Navarro vs. Blake Christian in the opening round, while the semi-finals and final will take place later in the night. In addition, Genesis features an I Quit match between Moose and Willie Mack that will, hopefully, settle the pair's differences once and for all. Finally, in the last advertised match of the show, Jazz delays her retirement one more time for a one-on-one match with Jordynne Grace. Of course, it would be surprising if there weren't at least a few developments in the matchups planned for Hard to Kill on tonight's show.

Match graphic for Crazzy Steve vs. Blake Christian at Impact Genesis
Match graphic for Crazzy Steve vs. Blake Christian at Impact Genesis

Impact Genesis Results Part 6

Rich Swann gives Willie Mack a pep talk before his match with Moose later tonight. Swann thinks Mack has a shot to win because he has so much heart. We'll see.

Meanwhile, on Twitter…

Damn, Cousin Jake. Don't be so down on yourself. You're making me feel bad about hating all Deaners!

Blake Christian vs. Crazzy Steve

Blake Cristian and Crazzy Steve compete in the last semi-final match of the Super X Cup tournament. This one may be the most high-flying match of the night. Christian gets the win off an insane 450 splash onto Steve while Steve is hanging over the top rope.

Winner: Blake Christian

Good match. If Blake Christian goes all the way in this tournament, that would be a pretty cool push. Either way, he'll meet Ace Austin in the finals later tonight.

Bleeding Cool's live coverage of Impact Genesis continues, and the best is yet to come, because the next match will be covered by a man who needs no introduction, the esteemed El Presidente. Check back soon.

This post is part of a multi-part series: Impact Genesis 2020 Live Results.

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