Impact Wrestling – A Go-Home Show for a Well-Built PPV

In part two of our Impact Wrestling report, Eddie Edwards gets a beatdown, TJP gets a victory, and viewers get a preview of Bound for Glory. Welcome to Bleeding Cool's Impact Wrestling report. We watch wrestling, so you don't have to. You're welcome.

The official logo of Impact Wrestling.
The official logo of Impact Wrestling.

Impact Wrestling Report for October 20th, 2020 Part 2

Eddie Edwards and Sami Callahan head to the ring for a match.

Eddie Edwards vs. Sami Callahan

  • These two have fought a bunch of times before. This time, the fight is just a precursor for Edwards' match at Bound for Glory, where he'll face Old Man Shamrock, who is Sami's best friend these days.
  • This is a brawl that takes place as much outside the ring as inside.
  • Callahan gives Edwards a beatdown for like 90% of the match, but ultimately Callahan has to lose here, or what's the point of the match at Bound for Glory?
  • Edwards makes a comeback eventually, but Sami grabs his phone and begs off. He pishes a button on the phone, and the lights flicker. Then Shamrock is there. Edwards is distracted and gets rolled up and loses.

Okay, so I was wrong. Edwards attacks Callahan after the match, but he's quickly overwhelmed by Callahan and Shamrock. Shamrock puts Eddie in the ankle lock. Then we see a video package for the six-way match for the X-Division Championship at Bound for Glory.

All six participants head to the ring for a 3 vs. 3 preview. A commercial break helps speed things along.

Willie Mack, Trey Miguel, and TJP vs. Rohit Raju, Chris Bey, and Jordynne Grace

  • Big contrast in terms of inter-gender wrestling between the match earlier with Alisha Edwards and this one. Grace, whose bigger than TJP and Trey, dominates on the heel team.
  • For a six-person, it's a short match. Everyone gets a little offense in, and TJP gets the pinfall.

All the matches tonight have been short, just an interlude between video packages about the PPV, which is fine, by the way. There's not much to recap for me, but the show is doing a good job of selling Bound for Glory. Impact takes another commercial break before the main event starts. During this break, Brian Cage joins the Twitch chat and starts commenting.

Gia Miller interviews Eric Young. She wants to know what his plans are for Bound for Glory. Young says none of this was his plan. He tried to give Rich Swann the easy road, and he gave a path to Scott D'Amore to avoid him. He warned everyone. But no one learned anything. They're the problem, not Young. Young was just working toward his goal, and he set boundaries that people broke. They have to deal with the ramifications of their choices, just like Young has had to for his entire career. Young says the bodies will continue to pile up if people get in his way.

He goes on like that for a while until Rich Swann runs up and starts beating the crap out of them. The fight spills outside, where they brawl for 30 seconds before backing into the camera person, causing the screen to go black and Impact to take another commercial break, during which Melissa Santos performs Cypress Hill covers.

After the break, the Good Brothers and The North come to the ring, get in a little tussle, and then there's one more commercial break (really just an excuse to play the Bound for Glory commercial again). Then, finally, the main event starts.

The Good Brothers vs. The North

  • The North and the Good Brothers are fighting each other here, but they'll be in a four-way at Bound for Glory with the Motor City Machine Guns and Austin and Fulton. So one can assume this match will end with those other two teams getting involved in some way.
  • In the meantime, The North take turns beating up Karl Anderson.
  • Big LG gets the hot tag eventually, and the Good Brothers clean house, but the match gets thrown out when everyone stops following the rules.

Afterward, Madman Fulton and Ace Austin run out to attack the Good Brothers. The Machine Guns run out to make the save. But the good Brothers turn on them at the end and hit Magic Killer on Alex Shelley. And that's all for the Bound for Glory go-home show.

Impact Wrestling – Was It Worth Watching?

That was interesting for a go-home show. Nothing particularly crazy happened during the show itself. The matches were basically a vehicle to deliver promo packages for the PPV. I think we must have seen the main Bound for Glory commercial a dozen times tonight. But the thing is, nearly every match on the card has already been built so well that Impact could get away with that. So well done, I guess. Watching (and recapping) Impact is always a pleasure.

I will be around on Saturday covering the PPV right here on Bleeding Cool, so if you want to hear my stupid thoughts on it, I'll see you then.

This post is part of a multi-part series: Impact Wrestling Report for October 20th, 2020.

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