Impact Wrestling – Eric Young is the New Impact World Champion

Impact Wrestling is putting on a great show for the first night of the Tuesday Night Wars, as WWE finally takes revenge for that time Bischoff and Hogan moved TNA to Monday Nights briefly. There's an Impact World Championship match set for tonight and the series finale of Wrestle House. Let's see what happens.

The official logo of Impact Wrestling.
The official logo of Impact Wrestling.

Impact Wrestling Report for September 1st, 2020 Part 2

Ace Austin and Madman Fulton come to the ring. Then the Rascalz, Dez, and Wentz. This is a grudge match because the Rascalz laughed at Austin and Fulton for losing to the Good Brothers.

Ace Austin and Madman Fulton vs. The Rascalz (Dez and Wentz)

  • Madman Fulton murders Dez to kick this one off.
  • Rascalz manage to team up on him and get his feet.
  • But when left alone, Wentz also gets his ass kicked.
  • In a cool spot, Fulton stands on the second rope, and Austin hands him, Wentz. Fulton holds him in a headlock but like he's hanging.
  • Dez gets a hot tag, though, and Wentz takes out Fulton outside. Dez is able to get the pin on Austin.

That was surprising. Motor City Machine Guns come out. They congratulate Rascalz on the win. They want to give them a shot at the tag team titles and also to make a bunch of pot references. Austin and Fulton attack the Rascalz before they can accept, but presumably, this is happening next week?

Backstage, Deonna Purazzo harasses some wrestlers about not dressing well enough for her party tonight. She sees Kimber Lee and asks her to be her special guest. Moose walks up, looking for EC3, but they haven't seen him. Impact goes to commercials.

Melissa Santos gently rejects a marriage proposal from a challenger. She's waiting to see how the one with Brian Cage works out. Melissa reveals Skittles, Swedish Fish, Snickers, and Reeces Pieces are her favorite candy. Yes, she may be running out of things to talk about during these commercial breaks. She talks some trash about hardcore wrestling, which riles up the commenters.

Rohit Raju polishes his belt backstage. Not a euphemism. TJP has something to say to him, but Raju wants him to put a mask on instead. He puts the mask on Raju's face instead. TJP wants a shot at the X-Division Championship. Raju says he'd like to, but Chris Bey has a rematch. If TJP takes out Bey, he can have the shot. TJP agrees.

Taya Valkyrie vs. Rosemary – Wrestle House

  • The winner of this match gets custody of John E. Bravo.
  • But Bravo is the referee, so he has to make a choice here.
  • They fight with words first. Taya calls Rosemary an emo kid who shops at Hot Topic. Rosemary says Slam Town is full of imbeciles.
  • Now they fight.
  • It's an even match for the most part.
  • Taya wins with Road to Valhalla. Bravo counts three.

Bravo tries to apologize to Rosemary, but she tells him he did the right thing. Rosemary lets everyone go home from Wrestle House. There's nothing left to be done. But Bravo says there's one more thing. He pulls out a ring. Rosemary points out she lost. Bravo says that means he's still Taya's manager, but he wants Rosemary to be his wife. Taya says it's okay with her. Bravo officially proposes. Rosemary asks if he knows she's a demon. He says that's what he loves about her. She says, yes. Johnny Swinger cries. Kylie Rae thinks this is really sweet, but wonders if they can go back to the Impact Zone. Rosemary leaves it up to Taya. Taya says they can go. In one final confessional, Crazzy Steve admits he took the beer. Everyone joins hands and says, "whoah wrestle house," and it ends.

You know what… In the end… I kinda liked Wrestle House. Dammit! I'm gonna miss it.

Impact goes to commercials. Melissa is excited about a wrestling wedding. Yeah, those things never work out. Melissa and the commenters agree that Wrestle House needs a Season 2, and then she talks about food some more.

It's time for the Black Tie affair. Kimber Lee is in the ring, and Impact's roster is surrounding the ring. None of them are dressed appropriately. Lee brings out Purrazzo. Purrazzo wants to toast her victory over Jordynne Grace last week with champagne. Purrazzo says she's joining the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Or maybe she's saying she's as good as Renaissance artists. Either one could work, honestly. Purrazzo says nothing is going to ruin her night tonight, which is a cue for Grace to come to the ring.

Grace apologizes for wearing jeans and a tank top. She congratulates Purrazzo on winning last week and at Slammiversary. She tells her to enjoy her title reign, but it's not gonna last. Grace wants another shot. But then Tenille Dashwood interrupts. Dashwood thinks the celebration is for her return to Impact. Dashwood says she's coming for Purrazzo's title. She says Purrazzo has never beaten her. Grace asks how anyone can beat her if she never shows up to work. Purrazzo says they're ruining her celebration… but then, suddenly, the Wrestle House crew appears in the ring.

Purrazzo goes after Kylie Rae, who is the actual number one contender, for the Knockouts Championship. Kylie drops her out of the ring. Kimber Lee grabs Kylie, but Susie stops her, and Kylie kicks Lee in the face. The main event is next, after the Impact Plus Flashback Moment of the Week, which is Christian Cage vs. Kaz from TNA Genesis in 2007. And then after some commercials.

Gia Miller interviews Brian Myers. He beat Willie Mack last week, but next week, he's gonna offer Mack the chance to shake his hand as a sign of respect. Moose interrupts to ask where EC3 is. Myers says he saw him down the hall.

Josh Matthews and Madison Rayne talk about next week's card. Locker Room Talk with Kylie Rae and Susie. Chris Bey vs. TJP. Rascalz vs. Motor City Machine Guns. And finally, it's time for the main event. Eric Young comes to the ring first. Then Eddie Edwards.

Eric Young vs. Eddie Edwards – Impact World Championship Match

  • Eddie controls up to right before the first commercial break when Young takes control. Then the commercials.
  • Melissa tells us this is the last commercial break of the night. The whole break is her saying goodnight to everyone in the chat.
  • Then Eddie is in control again after the break.
  • Someone in the Twitch chat spoils the main event of NXT. Goddammit.
  • Basically, this match consists of a lot of momentum changes and even more strikes, chops, and kicks, with the occasional wrestling move thrown in.
  • Hey, it's only 9:54. I wonder if that spoiler was a lie. Did the NXT main event really end ten minutes early? I'm gonna hold out hope.
  • Edwards "hurts" his knee hitting a slingshot crossbody on Young to the outside, putting into question his ability to do his finisher later.
  • Edwards hits the Tiger Driver, so we know this match should be wrapping up soon.
  • Edwards wants to hit Boston Knee Party, but Young rolls outside. So Edwards does a suicide dive and again "injures" his knee some more.
  • Young distracts the ref by pretending he wants to use the belt on Edwards. When the ref tosses the belt out, Young hits Edwards with his hockey mask.
  • Young hits a piledriver and gets the pinfall.

Pretty good match. RIP Eddie Edwards' title run, which never really went anywhere. He was just keeping it warm for Young. Young attacks Edwards after the match, looking to break his leg and end his career like he did to Rich Swann. Security chases him off, though.

Moose enters a room where he finds one of those crazy person bulletin boards full of pictures of himself and string connecting them all together. EC3 has been stalking him, it seems. There's a map in the middle with a location familiar to Moose. He rips all the pictures off the board, and the words "you have been warned" are left.

I think Wrestle House probably did as good a job as anything to get pretty much everyone involved over. Of course, without fans, it's hard to tell, but based on comments, social media, and other responses, I think everyone involved is better off for it. It also allowed Impact to have matches with some crowd noise, as all the Wrestle House matches had the other wrestlers around the ring. I guess what I'm trying to say is that maybe I prejudged Wrestle House too harshly.

The rest of the show was pretty good too. The Knockouts title picture is looking interested, and that whole division is ridiculously stacked. I like Eddie Edwards, but he wasn't really doing anything with the title, so I'm glad Eric Young won it. Now it's time to watch another two hours of wrestling because NXT is on… my DVR.

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