Jensen Ackles Talks Supernatural Finale Debate: "I Was in Both Camps"

Yesterday, we checked in with what Jensen Ackles had to say about his role as Soldier Boy in Amazon's The Boys when he visited Michael Rosenbaum's Inside of You podcast (which you can check out here). This time around, Ackles offers his thoughts on a topic that still splits the Supernatural community. Yup, the series finale "Carry On" saw Ackles's Dean dying early, leaving Jared Padalecki's Sam to live on before they're reunited in Heaven. Looking back on that time, Ackles is open and honest about his feelings on the finale and how he understands the fans' reactions because he "spent time in both camps." From there, he explains how his wife Danneel Ackles and Supernatural creator Eric Kripke (The Boys) helped him through the process of coming around on the finale.

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Ackles Understands & Can Relate to Both Sides of the Finale Debate: "I don't think there's a wrong opinion about it. I honestly don't. I think that the people that have problems with it are validated and I think the people that enjoyed it are validated. I was in both camps. I spent time in both camps. And this is no secret, the very first time we had ever heard what was going to happen at the end of the season Jared and I flew out to LA and we went to the writers' room before the season started and we all sat down and they essentially pitched us how they wanted to wrap up the show. Which was the first time in 'Supernatural' history that that had ever happened."

So What Was Ackles' First Reaction to the Finale Plans? "My initial reaction was,'I don't like it."

(No, He Didn't Tell the Writers That) But Ackles Imagined a Different Final Scenario: "I was trying to be respectful. I was trying to be respectful so I said, 'Okay… hmm. Okay.' I didn't give them an overwhelming right response. I was like, 'Okay… ummm… I'm gonna sleep on it." Because this is a big thing and I don't want to mess this up. So I slept on it and about a week went by and I went to my wife [Danneel Ackles] and I was like, 'I'm just really bumming on this' and she was like, 'Is it because Dean dies?' And I'm like, 'Maybe.' Maybe I'm just too close to that character and I just don't want to see him go and for some reason I always thought that if someone was gonna go it would be Sam as the um the martyr and Dean would then be left to just kind of stumble through the rest of his life mourning his brother and his lost family and it would be maybe a sad existence but that's just how it happened. Or we would both go like a 'Butch and Sundance'-kind of a thing, but me going and him continuing on? I just didn't… it just didn't sit well with me."

It Was Dannell Ackles & Eric Kripke Who Would Turn Him Around: "So my wife and all her infinite wisdom said, 'You should talk to somebody outside of this that understands the world' and that was Eric Kripke, who created the world, who created the characters, and who had been gone since season five So he'd been gone for ten years but he still knew the show clearly and kept tabs on it. So I called him and he had not heard what they were planning and so I told him, and he did the same thing I did. He was like, 'Let me let on this. Let me just kind of get some clarity on it and I'll phone you tomorrow.' I said great so he ended up sending me this very incredibly well-written email explaining why he thought this was a great ending and it just put things in perspective for me and from then on I was on board"

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