Last Week Tonight: John Oliver Pops at Pringles and Can't Stop

HBO's Last Week Tonight host John Oliver couldn't stay away from addressing viewers in-between seasons to provide an update on his concerns regarding Pringles. To start the clip, he referenced a past show as a launching point from a rant on CNN personality Don Lemon to Pringles asking, "What does the rest of the Pringles guy's body looks like?"

Last Week Tonight: John Oliver Pops at Pringles and Can't Stop
Stupid Sexy Pringles! John Oliver in Last Week Tonight. Image courtesy of HBO/WarnerMedia

The host continued asking a series of probing questions like "Is he tall or short? Does he have a lot of body hair or is he completely smooth? When will he be able to tell me what his nipples look like? Are you talking hours or are you talking days?" Cutting back to the update, Oliver followed up on the feedback he got viewers who chimed in on their own creativity on what the Pringles' guy's body might look like before adding that the face of the mascot looks like "a hard-boiled egg disguised as Tom Selleck." The host reasoned how showing off what he received would be a welcome distraction from the 2020 blues.

"Last Week Tonight": WTF Am I Watching?

The first image showed Pringles' mascot affixed on top of the body of Baymax from Big Hero Six with nipples and a belly button drawn on. The second drawing was a short and stout version with armpit hair-or as Oliver called him, an "unemployed Chippendale." Personally, I think it resembles more of a cartoon Danny DeVito. Another fan sent three submissions, with the first being a mascot on top of a drawn Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, spoof adult site ad but Pringles-themed, and another anatomically-correct humanized Pringle coming out of the crisp can naked with the words, "He single. He Pringle. He ready to mingle." You can check out the rest of the submissions, which look like they come out of 4Chan, in the video below.

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