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Let's Talk About FX's 'The Americans' Season 6, Episode 2

FX series The Americans returned last week for the premiere of their 6th and final season, and it delivered with grandeur that's made the series a highlight of television drama.

Seamlessly blending emotionally charged scenes with songs, reveals of newfound skills, and the ultimate protective mother move made s6e1 a highlight of the series, for me personally.

The Americans
Incredible season 6 "The Americans" promo art courtesy of FX

If you missed what happened last week, you can catch up here.

Season 6 episode 2 is titled "Tchaikovsky", and has some interesting implications after last week's reveal that Paige now perfectly understands Russian.  The official synopsis for this episode reads:

"Elizabeth targets an old source who could tip the balance of the upcoming summit as Philip deals with business at the travel agency; Stan learns an old friend is back in town."

Things that happened in The Americans s6e2:

  • The episode opens with a quick "previously on The Americans"
  • Elizabeth isn't even hiding the fact that she's smoking again
  • Stan is back at work, in a department he wants to leave, and he's been called somewhere immediately
  • The summit is happening, so most of the other agents in the department are gone, keeping an eye on the visiting Russians
  • Philip is hard at work at the travel agency, but you can tell he's distracted
  • Elizabeth has assumed one of her secret identities, and meets up with a previous contact in a library
  • They talk about the summit, about Gorbachev, and the treaty discussion
  • "Do you think Reagan is going soft?" Elizabeth asks
  • Stan is meeting with a Russian, but not for the reasons he thinks. Illa is complaining about his homelife, not any news.
  • Elizabeth is back in her nurses' persona, and her dying patient Erika is suffering, begging to be spared more pain. Erika is begging for it to end.
  • This goes with my theory that Elizabeth is going to use her cyanide tablet to help Erika
  • Back at Claudia's house, Elizabeth is told to keep the patient alive until after the summit, even though it's going against everything she's feeling
  • Elizabeth tells Claudia that if anything happens to her, that Claudia needs to finish with Paige. That she'd be good, that she'd be strong.
  • Philip and Elizabeth are talking about Paige's progress, that she's learning fast but made a mistake.
  • Paige is back on her stakeout, tailing Elizabeth's meeting with an Army general.
  • Elizabeth is requesting from him information, specifically a new lithium powered radiation sensor
  • Stan goes to the airport to meet a contact
  • Talking Heads "Slippery People" playing during the handover of intelligence via a sneaky bathroom sequence
  • Elizabeth gets herself through security into the State Department, where she is supposed to meet a contact in their cafeteria, and hopes she doesn't run into Stan
  • She makes it to her lunch date, but notices security searching for her other persona (she changed wigs to make it to her meeting)
  • Her contact tells her that Reagan is starting to lose focus while in the office, forgetting things, that there's talk he's going 'senile'
  • Paige asks Elizabeth if any of the people in their organization ever use sex to get information, and Elizabeth says no. It's the strangest birds and the bees discussion.
  • Elizabeth changes her mind, and puts it in situational sense, "if the information is vital"
  • Elizabeth goes to meet the General in the park, and he refuses to give her the sensor.
  • "If you don't give it to us, my people will expose what you did before. If you give it to us, you can retire, and we'll never come to you again."
  • Back at Erika's house, she gives Elizabeth an art lesson
  • Elizabeth goes to make her second connection with the General, who points a gun at her and cocks it. She assures him it's not too late, goes down on her knees, and begs the man not to shoot her
  • She tackles him, knocking him to the ground, and tries to wrestle the gun from him
  • He manages to get the gun to his mouth, and pulls the trigger, blowing the back of his head off
  • Paige comes running, and Elizabeth, covered in blood and brains, orders her back to the car.
  • The episode ends.

Ooooh man that trailer for next week. What's Paige going to see then?!

Join us next week for The Americans s6e3 on Wednesday.

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