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Bleeding Cool News Editor Mary Anne Butler (Mab, for short) has been part of the fast-paced world of journalism since she was 15, getting her start in album reviews and live concert coverage for a nationally published (print) music magazine. She eventually transitioned to online media, writing for such sites as UGO/IGN, ComicsOnline, Geek Magazine, Ace of Geeks, Aggressive Comix (where she is still Editor-in-Chief), and most recently Bleeding Cool.

Over the past 10 years, she’s built a presence at conventions across the globe as a cosplayer (occasionally), photographer (constantly), panelist and moderator (mostly), and reporter (always). 

Interviews, reviews, observations, breaking news, and objective reporting are the name of the game for the founder of Harkonnen Knife Fight, a Dune-themed band with an international presence. 

Though she be but little, she is fierce. #MabTheProfessional

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Netflix DreamWorks Animation Announce Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous Series

Netflix, DreamWorks Animation Announce "Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous" Series

WE'RE GETTING AN ANIMATED JURASSIC PARK KIDS SHOW ON NETFLIX FROM DREAMWORKS ANIMATION! Sorry, sorry, we're just REALLY excited about this, okay? Apparently, the Netflix animated series will be called Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous, and will center around 6 youngsters (teens) on the far side of Isla Nubar. Of course, things don't go as planned, and some […]

Netflix Renews Dead To Me For a Second Season

Netflix Renews "Dead To Me" For a Second Season

While we're not sure what exactly they'll manage to do in a second season, we're thrilled to report that Netflix has renewed the Christina Applegate, Linda Cardellini starring series Dead to Me for a second season. We don't really want to tell you TOO much about the series as it would ruin the experience. You can catch the […]

New TV Spot for The Lion King Has Talkin Animals

New TV Spot for "The Lion King" Has Talkin' Animals

Yes, we're gonna say it again. Disney's LIVE-ACTION [their words, not ours, but we do so enjoy *sarcasm* your comments about our use of the term] The Lion King from Jon Favreau just released a new tv spot which features the cgi animals talking! Namely, Beyoncé Knowles-Carter as the voice of Nala imploring Simba (Donald Glover) to […]

New Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark Trailer: Maybe Believe Kids

New "Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark" Trailer: Maybe Believe Kids?

A brand-new trailer for the upcoming live-action film adaptation of the much-beloved and borrowed-from-the-school-library series Scary Stories to Tell In The Dark reminds us that maybe, just maybe, law officials in small towns should be told to believe kids? You know that thing that happens in horror movies when adults never believe the kids? WHEN […]

Sophie Turner Adds Celebrity Couples Therapist to Her Expanding Resume

Sophie Turner Adds Celebrity Couple's Therapist to Her Expanding Resume

Despite our mixed reactions and reception to both the series finale of Game of Thrones and the upcoming Dark Phoenix film, we do rather like Sophie Turner. She's got a good head on those elegant shoulders, and her sense of humor is pretty darn great. This is made very apparent in a new video from […]

First Trailer for Ford v Ferrari Teases Vehicular David and Goliath

First Trailer for "Ford v Ferrari" Teases Vehicular David and Goliath

Maybe fast cars aren't your thing, and that's totally fine- but this first trailer for the upcoming true story tale of Ford v Ferrari is everything we were hoping for.     Academy Award-winners Matt Damon and Christian Bale star in FORD v FERRARI, based on the remarkable true story of the visionary American car designer […]

We ALMOST Had a Fox-Owned Marvel Character Extravaganza Film in 2011

We ALMOST Had a Fox-Owned Marvel Character Extravaganza Film in 2011

Another tidbit gleaned from Zack Stentz's stop by Kevin Smith's Fatman on Batman podcast was the reveal of a missed opportunity 2011 film from FOX, who owned several of the Marvel Comics heavy hitters at the time. Stentz, who co-wrote Thor for Marvel Studios with former writing partner Ashley Edward Miller as well as X-Men: First Class for Fox, divulged […]

We ALMOST Had a Very Different Fantastic Four Movie in 2015

We ALMOST Had a Very Different "Fantastic Four" Movie in 2015

Bless Zack Stentz for his candor on the most recent episode of Kevin Smith's Fatman on Batman podcast, because we just learned a whole mess o' stuff about the Fantastic Four film WE COULD HAVE HAD, among other things. Ah yes, who would forget Fan-4-Stick. Perhaps you'll recall that 2015 misfire of a reboot of Fantastic Four that featured […]

Apple TV+ Releases Trailer for Ronald D. Moores For All Mankind Series

Apple TV+ Releases Trailer for Ronald D. Moore's "For All Mankind" Series

We cannot WAIT for Ronald D. Moore's (Battlestar Galactica, Outlander) upcoming Apple TV+ series For All Mankind to release later this year, and we just got our first trailer for it! Joel Kinnaman (Altered Carbon) stars, and will be joined by Sarah Jones, and Michael Dorman in the alternative space history series. Just LOOK at this […]

Netflix Releases Trailer Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story by Martin Scorsese

Netflix Releases Trailer "Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story by Martin Scorsese"

If you didn't know- Martin Scorsese is dusting off his concert film director's hat to bring us "Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story" at Netflix. [Editor's Note: all photos courtesy of Netflix] Setting out across a 1975 America exhausted politically, economically and socially, a busload of musicians—assembled by Bob Dylan—hits the road in search […]

First Season of SHOWTIMEs Kingkiller Chronicle Script is Complete Says Showrunner

First Season of SHOWTIME's "Kingkiller Chronicle" Script is Complete, Says Showrunner

Goodness, that didn't take the writer's room long to complete the first season of SHOWTIME's upcoming television adaptation of Patrick Rothfuss's "The Kingkiller Chronicle". According to showrunner (and pilot writer) John Rogers, the season finale script of the series was completed last month. (Shout out to Winter Is Coming for alerting us!) This is the day I […]

5 Images from Season 3 of Netflix Series GLOW

5 Images from Season 3 of Netflix Series "GLOW"

We know that season 3 of Netflix series GLOW is due to hit the streaming service next month, and that it'll see the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling hitting Las Vegas. Netflix released 5 images from the 10-episode third season of the series, and there is SO MUCH PINK LYCRA. GLOW stars Allison Brie as Ruth Wilder aka […]

The Russo Brothers Are Doing a Magic: The Gathering Anime Series at Netflix

The Russo Brothers Are Doing a "Magic: The Gathering" Anime Series at Netflix!

So maybe it's NOT going to be Krull, but The Russo Brothers ARE headed in the direction of fantasy and….Magic: The Gathering. HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT TIME: Netflix and Wizards of the Coast are teaming up with Joe and Anthony Russo to make a Magic: The Gathering anime series and this teaser of Chandra has me asking QUESTIONS. […]

A Star Trek 4 Update from nuSpock [Zachary Quinto] Himself

A 'Star Trek 4' Update from nuSpock [Zachary Quinto] Himself

Yes, it does still seem like Star Trek 4 (set in the JJ Abrams-kicked off Kevlin timeline) is still shelved indefinitely. It just didn't seem to come together for Paramount, the stars, or the early-named director who would have been the first woman to direct in the franchise. Star Zachary Quinto just offered his thoughts on […]

Heres Why Were Not Getting Lilandra or the Hellfire Club in Dark Phoenix

Here's Why We're Not Getting Lilandra or the Hellfire Club in 'Dark Phoenix'

Yes, we know, we're bagging a lot on Dark Phoenix before even seeing it, and it's partially because we're not getting big giant parts of the celestial being's story.  Things like….Lilandra and the Shi'ar (although we may still be getting the Shi'ar?) and the other big one- The Hellfire Club. We were of course, semi-hoping that […]

An Oral History of Deadwood: The Movie from Dan F**kin Dority (aka W Earl Brown)

An Oral History of 'Deadwood: The Movie' from Dan F**kin' Dority (aka W Earl Brown)

Today is the day! The continuation of David Milch-created Shakespearean Western series Deadwood by way of Deadwood: The Movie. 13 years ago, the series was unceremoniously cancelled before getting to end it's tale of the South Dakota mining town denizens. It felt, to fans and cast alike, that the camp candle had been snuffed far too soon for the […]

Brandon Sanderson Says Amazons Wheel of Time Show Goes in Unexpected Directions

Brandon Sanderson Says Amazon's 'Wheel of Time' Show Goes in "Unexpected Directions"

We've been watching the progress on Amazon's slowly building live-action tv series adaptation of Robert Jordan's "Wheel of Time" books (which were ultimately completed by author Brandon Sanderson following Jordan's death) with great interest. Showrunner Rafe Judkins has been the best source of information on the show, even though he's now adhering to whatever studio-mandated […]

Viva Las Vegas: Netflix Announces GLOW Season 3 Premiere Date

Viva Las Vegas: Netflix Announces 'GLOW' Season 3 Premiere Date

One of our FAVORITE Netflix series, GLOW, just got it's official season three premiere date, and we can't wait to see what trouble the ladies get up to in Las Vegas. The announcement video is super short and sweet, and ties into the theme of the neon desert oasis of Vegas with a slot machine: […]

Report: Robert Pattinson IS The Batman For Warner Bros. Pictures Matt Reeves

Report: Robert Pattinson IS 'The Batman' For Warner Bros. Pictures, Matt Reeves

After reports earlier this week that additional screen tests were talking place for Warner Bros. Pictures' upcoming film from director Matt Reeves The Batman, it would appear that yes, early frontrunner Robert Pattinson has indeed nabbed the role of the capped crusader. Deadline says this news was confirmed to them, and we're still waiting on the final word […]