MTV Movie & TV Awards: Sacha Baron Cohen Characters Crash Speech

In what's perhaps a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, Sacha Baron Cohen made his acceptance speech for Comedic Genius at the MTV Movie & TV Awards one for the ages having all the infamous characters he largely created on Da Ali G Show appear alongside the actor himself. In his Tweet, the actor wrote, "Thank you MTV for honouring me with the Comedic Genius Award. Didn't realise I'd be sharing it with those other guys #MTVAwards". The segment started off with Cohen's Borat accepting the award with his signature greeting calling the award a "cup of gold teeth" before purposely mispronouncing his actor's name before being interrupted by Ali G.

MTV Movie & TV Awards: Sacha Baron Cohen Characters Crash Speech
Image courtesy of MTV/Viacom CBS

Ali G attempted to claim the award calling himself "the original gangster". The two share a back and forth before he revealed his gripe with the Kazakhstani reporter for Amazon film Borat Subsequent Moviefilm calling it "Whack", specifically referencing Maria Bakalova's character Tutar and her infamous scene with former New York mayor and Donald Trump advocate Rudy Guliani. The rapper playfully butchered the name, calling him "Rudy Julie Andrews".

Cohen, himself, came out in more traditional attire to confront the two to deconstruct his own Ali G character and culture appropriation. Ali G and Borat leave without much further protest. Cohen thanked MTV and his fans admitting, "He's a human being creating complex nuanced characters, sophisticated tools to expose…" before another persona interrupts him in Brüno piling on his "sophisticated tool" remark and appearing in a onesie with his emphasized junk. Cohen again re-explained why the character he's talking to in this context is offensive in this case to the LGBT community before he declared himself "canceled" leaving in feigned disgust. The final shot cuts away to his character from The Dictator General Aladeen with the subtle throat slash gesture to his guards against Brüno on the podium.

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