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Musk Tries Buying Stephen King's Love? Elmo Flips Elon the (Big) Bird

Is Elon Musk trying to buy Stephen King's love by comping him a blue checkmark? Plus, Elmo flips Twitter the (Big) Bird over blue check mark.

So, we're guessing that Elon Musk isn't having a very good day. After today's SpaceX launch of Starship resulted in an explosion midair ahead of stage separation, we figured he would follow through on pulling blue checkmarks from everyone as some form of compensation. Well, it turns out that even without blue checkmarks? Fire is still hot, water is still wet, and we still don't have a decision on Seth MacFarlane's The Orville. Which is a fancy way of saying that life… as we know it.. did not end. And it also turns out that Musk can't even pull off doing that without creating unnecessary drama for himself.

Image: CBS Screencap, HBO Max, SNL Screencap

Earlier, we covered how famed bestselling authors & pop culture icons Stephen King and Neil Gaiman were responding to Musk's moves. If you've been keeping up on our coverage, then you know that King and Musk have had a beef going back and forth – with King just crushing Musk each time. Earlier, King's Twitter account showed that he paid for a checkmark and gave a phone number – two things that King made a point of denying – and then driving the point home:

Well, it turns out it might've been Musk who paid or comped King his checkmark. While we stick by our theory that he's only doing it to cause drama for some famous names who criticized him by making it appear that they're hypocrites, The Verge is reporting that Musk may be "paying for a few [subscriptions] personally" to keep some famous names like King and LeBron James on the hurting streaming service. In fact, Musk appeared to confirm gifting King the checkmark in a follow-up tweet:

Musk Tries Buying Stephen King's Love? Elmo Flips Elon the (Big) Bird
Image: Twitter Screencap

Another famous face who had their blue checkmark taken away and isn't planning on paying is none other than Sesame Street all-star Elmo, who flipped Musk the (big) bird by bidding farewell to their "little blue checkmark":

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