Neil Gaiman Is Not the One to Ask About "The Books of Magic" Series

Okay, let's start off with a comic book history lesson on Neil Gaiman's DC Comics/Vertigo series The Books of Magic. The original four-issue miniseries ran from 1990-1991 and then as a long-running series (75 issues) under the Vertigo imprint from 1994-2000. Both the miniseries and the long-running series focused on Timothy Hunter, who is given a tour of the DC supernatural & magical universe before deciding if he wants to embrace or reject his destiny as the world's greatest magician. Over the course of the miniseries, Gaiman was joined by artists such as John Bolton, Scott Hampton, Charles Vess, and Paul Johnson as Tim meets the Phantom Stranger, John Constantine, Doctor Occult, and Mister E during his journey of mystical self-discovery. We thought it was important for you to know all of that because there's been a big push for The Books of Magic to be adapted once again, and we think we know why.

the books of magic
Image: DC Comics

On one hand, we think it's because it's a beloved work of Gaiman's that fans would want to see come to life now that Gaiman's "hot" coming off of Netflix picking up The Sandman for a second season and Good Omens 2 & Anansi Boys over at Amazon. And then there's the J.K. Rowling/"Harry Potter" factor, with a number of Hogwarts folks more than willing to transfer to "The Books of Magic" to fulfill their "young magic" needs (and to not have to support Rowling in any way, too). So, not surprisingly, Gaiman has been getting some requests also to bring the comic book series. Except there's one major problem. Gaiman doesn't have the right to The Books of Magic… DC Comics does, which means Warner Bros. Discovery has ownership of it. If you've been following our Warner Bros. Discovery lately, you'll understand why folks might not want to be holding their breath. Here's a look at Gaiman's tweet explaining why he's the wrong person to go to:

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