Netflix Previews New Floral Competition Series The Big Flower Fight

On my, It's Halloween Wars but with flowers. Netflix has a very appealing new show premiering on May 18 called The Big Flower Fight with grand sculptures, nervous fidgety contestants, and a competitive flowery edge. Ten pairs of amateur florists and gardeners compete to wow the judges with enormous out of this world grand centerpieces. So, why am I so excited? Well, I was a florist for 17 years, so flowers are still sort of my jam. Not a big fan of the generic roses, but bring on the lilac, peony's, and yes I even have an appreciation for the rather simple and dainty daisy (no filler please). Now being a florist is no easy task, the cuts from the thorns alone are detrimental enough. Yes, for all you fine consumers your flowers don't actually come in the beautiful form you see them on display in a refrigerator, lots of labor is put into unboxing and priming them for perfection and sale.

The Big Flower Fight premieres this month, courtesy of Netflix.
The Big Flower Fight premieres this month, courtesy of Netflix.

I hope to truly appreciate the contestants' work and have them inspire my creativity in making unique displays for my home. I must admit I'm not much of a gardener, and there is a huge difference between a gardener and a florist, one doesn't necessarily have to know the craft of the other to be successful but for this competition, it seems that their dynamic will need to gel to be successful. Our shop never created a mammoth or a 10ft sized bird, but people trended some bizarre wedding and birthday pieces for a while, 6ft ladies with flowery hats, and don't get me started on the enormous flower cartoon characters, Dora the Explorer still haunts me. The show seems less about flower knowledge but more about color schemes and techniques. Believe me, those things are heavy and must be mounted properly otherwise their heads will roll, literally. So what blunders and tear-jerkers are we in store for? Will the centerpieces wilt on the vine, or will they blow are minds?

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