Power EP 50 Cent Chooses Trump, Lower Taxes Over NYC, Black People

In what looks to be an embarrassing time for aging 90's/early 2000's rappers, we've had Ice Cube trying to play the "false equivalency game" between Donald Trump and Joe Biden's economic and tax plans for the Black community- until Roland S. Martin interviewed him and had some believing that maybe Cube hadn't actually read both plans. Then there was that matter of "bestest buddy" Eric Trump sharing a manipulated photo of Ice and Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson in photoshopped Trump hats. Yeah, that didn't go over too well. Of course, there's Snoop Dogg, who we're guessing had a moment of mainstream "cabin fever" earlier this year when he decided to go waaaaaaaay off in so many wrong ways on Gayle King over Kobe Bryant's death- thus resulting in his time partnering with Martha Stewart in mainstream limbo to be extended a little longer.

BELGRADE, SERBIA – APRIL 28, 2020: I love NY logo on a badge. This logo basis of an advertising campaign used since 1977 to promote tourism in the state of New York. (Image: Goran Bogicevic / Shutterstock.com)

On Monday it was Jackson's turn in the spotlight when the executive producer behind STARZ's mega-successful "Power" franchise was apparently reminded that he makes more than $400K a year. Why's that important? Because Jackson's been told that Biden's coming for half his money (he's not) and that being in NYC will set him at a 62% tax rate (so many ways that's wrong). So if you ever wanted to see that very public moment that we see an assumed Democrat become one really pissed off and out-of-the-closet Republican, check out Jackson's tweet below. When you read the following tweet, try not to have this running through your head: New York City? F**k you! New York Knicks? You suck! Other black people? If Trump doesn't like you then sucks to be you- just make more money and you'll be fine! VOTE TRUMP!

In case you thought it was a joke or a mistake, Jackson also posted a clip from FOX "News" where they talked up what he tweeted (clearly proud of earning FOX News' approval- we're guessing Gene Simmons and Geraldo were busy?). Just a quick observation for Jackson, though- he can take it or leave it. See those four white people on that screen? If they're smiling and agreeing with what you're doing, then what you're doing is dead-ass wrong.

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