SpongeBob SquarePants' SDCC Pancake Party Proved Our Sunday Zen

Ahoy! Are you ready, kids? Well, you may need an adult to help, because even as an adult I don't have a great handle on the stovetop, but it's time to make some pancakes. Cake decorating instructor Liz Marek and her husband Dan (with a special cameo by their children) hosted an interactive panel that taught participants how to make pancake art in the form of SpongeBob SquarePants and his friends.

SpongeBob Pancake Party at SDCC
Liz Marek and family, c/o The Food Channel

The panel itself was hosted over Zoom and acted as a hands-on teaching session full of tips for not only making the Spongebob characters but pancake art and pancakes in general. The whole experience was charming and featured several participants who had their kids in the kitchen taking part, too. Wholesome fun for fans of the show of all ages, and fans of pancakes. So basically everyone. She walked participants through how to prep the batter for making perfect pancake art, reference guides for making SpongeBob, Plankton, Gary, and Patrick, as well as real-time questions, answers, and tips if anyone got stuck or tripped up along the way.

SpongeBob Pancake Party at SDCC
SpongeBob Pancake Party at SDCC c/o The Food Channel

Marek is a Portland-based cake artist, instructor, and author who also runs the Sugar Geek Show channel and site. She partnered with The Food Channel to bring this experience to Comic-Con@Home as part of the "FutureTechLive! World Builders Experience." If Liz looks like a familiar face from your television screen, that's because she is: her team won 2017's seventh season of Food Network's Halloween Wars. This "cook along" was a delightful way to start my SDCC Sunday and I hope this panel makes some kind of a comeback in future years. Now, I'm going to sit down with my SpongeBob SquarePants and let you get back to enjoying all the amazing pancake art and the rest of SDCC.

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