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Star Trek: Looking Back at Some of the Franchise's Scariest Episodes

With the release of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds' penultimate episode "All Those Who Wander", we saw the focus shift to one of the franchise's greatest enemies in the Gorn, first seen in The Original Series with Kirk (William Shatner) battling a man in the infamous green non-emoting rubber suit. The Paramount+ series showed the Gorn in a whole new terrifying light with practical effects and puppets. And in honor of that episode, the streaming service released a new video highlighting the other times the franchise explored the horror genre called "Scary Space: Horror in Star Trek."

Star Trek
Photo Cr: Marni Grossman/Paramount+

The Star Trek: The Original Series episodes highlighted are season one's "The Devil in the Dark" where a mysterious monster terrorizes a mining colony and season two's "Wolf in the Fold" where the Enterprise tries to exonerate Scotty of a murder he's accused of highlighting the séance scene. The Next Generation episodes highlighted are season one's "Conspiracy" alien parasites have infiltrated the Federation, season four's "Night Terrors" where the Enterprise gets caught in a Tyken's Rift and most of the crew are caught hallucinating, and season six's "Schisms" where certain crew members are battling insomnia finding the mystery to unravel is more disturbing with each turn.

The Star Trek: Deep Space Nine season five episode "Empok Nor" highlights a Cardassian science experiment gone wrong as the crew fights for its survival at an abandoned space station. Voyager season two episode "The Thaw" shows the crew attempting to rescue three aliens in status from a bizarre computer program that is based on fear as we see ensign Harry Kim (Garrett Wang) being victimized. Enterprise season three episode "Impulse" shows Vulcan zombies, need I say more? Wrapping up the compilation is the Discovery season one episode "Context is for Kings" which finds the ship locating the Federation ship the Glenn stranded near Klingon territory with a beast on board tearing flesh left and right. Is anyone else hungry? The season finale of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds streams on July 7 on Paramount+.

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