'Star Wars Resistance' Season 1, Episode 21 "No Escape: Part One": Awww, Hux! [SPOILER REVIEW]

At the end of last week's episode of Disney Channel's Star Wars Resistanceit seemed things couldn't get any worse for Kaz (Christopher Sean). The Colossus is on the bottom of the ocean, Yeager (Scott Lawrence) and Tam (Suzie McGrath) are being held by the First Order, and the Resistance isn't coming to help. "No Escape: Part One" finds no Poe (Oscar Isaac), no Yeager, and no BB-8, Kaz must lead his small band of misfits against the might of the First Order.

Unfortunately, things are about to get much, much worse.

Seal the blast doors, explosive spoilers ahead!

After months of bumbling his way through the spy mission on the Colossus, it is time for Kaz to step up. However, his first instinct is to rescue his friends and run for the protection of his home and family on Hosnian Prime. It is actually Neeku (Josh Brener), of all beings, who points out the improbability of Kaz's plan and encourages the pilot not to abandon the other denizens of the Colossus. Once again, it is orphans Kel (Antony Del Rio) and Ella (Nikki SooHoo) who save the day. The Resistance might be better off with the children as spies rather than Kaz.

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Taken to a control room at the bottom of the station, Neeku and the orphans provide back-up for Kaz's rather ill-conceived rescue attempt. It is in the control room that Neeko and the children make the most important discovery of the season: the Colossus is actually a space ship – and it has a hyperdrive. Kaz and Neeku are part of a team of ship mechanics so maybe – just maybe – it is their mechanic skills that will save them and not Kaz's (lack of) military skills. With a working hyperdrive, the team could fly the Colossus off world (hopefully dropping Stormtroopers along the way like white plastic breadcrumbs).

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Meanwhile, the First Order interrogator continues attempting to befriend Tam. Aptly-named Agent Tierny (Sumalee Montano) feeds Tam good food, shows her hospitality, and promises her a future as a pilot in the First Order. The interrogator has obviously done her homework, and she knows exactly how to take advantage of Tam's jealousy of the relationship between Yeager and Kaz. Tam hasn't divulged anything yet that could hurt Kaz and Yeager. In fact, I'm not sure she really even knows anything. But Kaz and Yeager's loyalty to Tam and their desire to rescue her could end up being a pretty good trap.

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Combining forces, Torra (Myrna Velasco) and Kaz attempt to free Tam, Yeager, and the newly-arrested Commander Doza (Jason Hightower).

And that's when everything changes in an instant.

All hands aboard the Colossus, citizens and First Order alike, pause to watch as General Hux's (Domhnall Gleeson) speech aboard Starkiller Base is beamed throughout the galaxy. As Hux declares the end of the New Republic, Kaz watches as Hosnian Prime is destroyed along with the hopes of the galaxy. Witnessing that moment, it is hard not to think of another child of a Senator that watched the destruction of her home planet in much the same way.

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We knew going in that "No Escape: Part One" would be the first half of a two-part episode. However, we also know that on the heels of the destruction of Hosnian Prime comes the destruction of Starkiller Base. As Kaz and the gang head into next week's season finale "No Escape: Part Two," we still don't know how the events elsewhere in the (film) galaxy will help or hurt our heroes. I can't tell if this episode is the end of the beginning or the beginning of the end.

What I do know? Everything has changed.

Season 1 finale Star Wars Resistance "No Escape: Part Two" airs Sunday, March 17, at 10 p.m. on Disney Channel.

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