my hero academia

"My Hero Academia": Returns & Reveals Power Solid "Tweener" Ep [REVIEW]

This season, My Hero Academia has given us one quality episode after the other – and "Japanese Hero Bilboard Chart" keeps that momentum rolling along. It was interesting to see how they are finally trying to get things back around to superhero action again. This episode proved much more of a balance between slice-of-life anime […]

Steven Universe

"Steven Universe": His Own Worst Enemy, Afraid to Be Himself [REVIEW]

I am so happy I stumbled upon Cartoon Network's Steven Universe Future finale. It really did not disappoint. I feel these final episodes really captured the essence of the last season without making it preachy or beating us over the head with heavy-handed messages. It had every bit the emotional impact that I was expecting, […]


The Frank Miller Cover That Killed The Daredevil and Dog Cartoon

Once upon a time, George Clooney was all set to play Nick Fury in a Marvel movie, that preceded Samuel Jackson's portrayal in Iron Man, but plenty of time after David Hasselhoff played him in a previous movie. Clooney was a big fan, it was seen as a redemption for his Batman, and he was […]

Funko Officially Gives Us a Look at the Final “Legend of Korra” Pops

Funko Officially Gives Us a Look at the Final "Legend of Korra" Pops

Funko showed off a lot of upcoming Pop figures during the London Toy Fair and it looks light some are getting actually announcements. This time the long awaited cartoon series and the sequel to Avatar the Last Airbender, The Legend of Korra. This series will easily fly off shelves and the final non concept design are amazing. […]

"ThunderCats Roar": Cartoon Network "Confirms" 2020 Debut; Preview Released [VIDEO]

What's one of the the things we're most excited for next year? That the continuing battle between Lion-O's ThunderCats — Tygra, Panthro, Cheetara, Wilykat, and Wilykit — and Mumm-Ra will be making its way to Cartoon Network in 2020 (though originally slated for 2019, more on that below), with Warner Bros. Animation rebooting the feline-like […]

Tom and Jerry Get Wacky with New Soap Studio Statues

Tom and Jerry make their return about this time with some very interesting and wacky statues from Soap Studio. This first statue is to honor the American artist Greg Mike who re-interprets classic cartoon characters. Greg Mike loves to add his own little twist Into his work and even like to add in his own original character […]

Emily Flake to Judge New Cartoon/Comics Category for Cagibi's Annual Macaron Prize

Emily Flake to Judge New Cartoon/Comics Category for Cagibi's Annual Macaron $1000 Prize

Cagibi is a New York-based literary journal publishing seasonal digital issues. They also run an annual Macaron Prize in fiction, nonfiction, and poetry will and this year introduce a cartoon category. Featuring 2020 guest judges, Andre Dubus III in Fiction, Emily Flake in Cartoon, Jill Bialosky in Nonfiction, and Nick Flynn in Poetry. Emily Flake is a cartoonist, writer, illustrator, and performer […]

Rick and Morty Season 4 Release Date | Rick and Morty | Adult Swim

Rick and Morty Dimension Hopping and Intergalactic Holiday Guide

Rick and Morty are back once again with a fair newest season and everybody is loving it. This raunchy comedy featuring a grandson and grandpa has it gone from wacky intergalactic adventures tot dimension to dimension is travel and we need more. To those fans who want to take their fan to the next level, this […]