Sting Shows Up on Dynamite, Signs Multi-Year Deal with AEW

After speculation earlier this year following his contract expiring with WWE, Sting has finally made good on that rumor he'll show up in AEW. Sting appeared to end a beatdown by Team Taz against Cody Rhodes, Darby Allin, Dustin Rhodes, and Arn Anderson following a match between Rhodes and Allin vs. Ricky Starks and Powerhouse Hobbs. Rhodes and Allin won that match, with Allin getting the pin on a coffin drop on Starks.

Sting is now a part of AEW (Image: AEW key art)
Sting is now a part of AEW (Image: AEW key art)

Here's what happened after that, from our Dynamite recap, which will be out in full tomorrow:

Hobbs attacks after the match, takes out Cody, and beats down Allin. Arn Anderson gets in the rng and steps to Hobbs, and he does get a few good shots in, but he gets taken down by Hobbs and Starks. Dustin Rhodes comes out to turn the tide. Brian Cage comes out to turn it back. Taz directs traffic as Cage hits Cody with an F5 and then he and starks hold Cody so Hobbs can hit him with the belt…

But the lights go out. A winter-themed video package plays on the Khantron. Holy fuck it's Sting! Sting comes out (with fake snow for his entrance). He's got his baseball bat. Hearing Tony Schiavone shout "Sting is here!" warms my cold, dead heart. Sting comes to the ring and comes face to face with Arn Anderson. Taz and his boys have fled. Sting walks over to Dustin Rhodes and stares at him. Then Cody. Then Darby Allin, who stands up so they can have a proper staredown. Sting gives the crowd a few "woos" and leaves.

Some comments from the Bleeding Cool slack during this segment: "I literally just jumped out of my chair." "Sting saved Christmas." "Winter is here." Also, here is Sting's t-shirt on Shop AEW. After a commercial break, commentary revealed Sting had signed a multi-year deal.

Excalibur is still marking out Tony Schiavone says Sting has signed a multyear contract with AEW. "How's that news?" he adds. "You didn't even have to go to the hotline to get it," says JR. "This is the biggest episode of Dynamite ever," says Exclaibur. Come on Tony, this your moment. Say it. Say "this is the greatest night in the history of our sport!" Sadly, he doesn't say it. But we're all thinking it.

Watch the video below:

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