Stranger Things Writers Don't Take Kindly to Show Being Messed With

So there are two key things we've learned by following the Stranger Things writers on Twitter. First, they had possibly the greatest run of video selection recommendations we've ever seen (damn, we miss those). And second, they are not to be f***ed with when it comes to the integrity of the show's creative process. That second one is what we're focusing on for this update, with British GQ forced to eat crow and the show's writers making sure they fed them seconds. So here's where things got messy. British GQ went live with an article criticizing the popular Netflix series & its creators for retroactively editing a scene from the first season. The scene in question? When Jonathan (Charlie Heaton) photographs Nancy (Natalia Dyer) without her knowing. Apparently, there's a theory out there that Jonathan continued photographing Nancy as she undressed but that it was retroactively edited out. Except there's one small problem. That scene that was "removed" never actually existed. It was as real as Slenderman. In fact, it was so not real that British GQ had to correct the article and include the following statement: "Correction: A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that a season one episode of Stranger Things had been edited retroactively to remove a shot of Jonathan photographing Nancy while she was changing." Well, let's just say that the streaming series' fearless defenders wasted no time publically expressing their appreciation of the irony at play.

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Image: Netflix

First, there was a tweet with "PSA: no scenes from previous seasons have ever been cut or re-edited. And they never will be" written and a GIF attached. But it was the tweet that followed that drove the point home, reading, "It's hilarious that an article bashing the show for retroactively editing a scene (based off a false TikTok rumor) has now had to retroactively edit their own article. Oops." Here's a look at the two tweets where the writers (rightfully) get to take a victory lap after a rare win for truth on social media:

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