Supernatural & Good Omens: Misha Collins, Michael Sheen's Divine Cause

There are three things that Supernatural star Misha Collins and Good Omens star Michael Sheen have in common. Both play or have played angels in their respective series (Castiel and Aziraphale), both of them have series expected to return soon. For Collins, it's the final run for Supernatural. For Sheen, it's Prodigal Son– where's he's definitely not an angel. The third thing they have in common is their desire to offer homeless relief to those in need, including those impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Collins and Sheen are teaming up for the Super Good campaign, where fans can head over to their Stands site (here) to buy t-shirts (as you'll see below) as well as a necklace- and the best part is that 100% of the profits go to charities (like Meals on Wheels). Collins and Sheen will host a joint live stream on their social media platforms on Thursday at 3 p.m. ET to discuss the initiative further.

Image: Supernatural star Misha Collins/Good Omens star Michael Sheen

"My family struggled when I was a child — we were even homeless at times, so I can relate to how hard that can be," said the Supernatural star in a statement. "With COVID-19, more families than ever are facing extreme hardship, the poorest families are the ones most likely to have lost jobs, and most likely to be losing housing, so now this issue seems more pressing than ever. This campaign will mobilize people to support organizations like Lydia Place doing 'super good' work to break the cycle of poverty and homelessness. Besides, teaming up with Michael Sheen – who is a much better human being than I am and might literally be an angel – ups my angelic 'street cred,' which should help me fit in with the other angels in our neighborhood. It's a rough crowd."

Sheen sees the campaign as a chance to help those who've helped them get to where they are, saying in a statement: "Good Omens came out around the same time as I was part of hosting the Homeless World Cup soccer tournament in Wales last year. The Good Omens fans, who are a passionate and committed tribe, took an interest in the work I was doing around homelessness and social exclusion and I kept seeing people talk about the similar work Misha was doing. The fact that we were both known for playing angels seemed like a synchronicity that couldn't be ignored. When the suggestion was made for us to team up for a campaign around homelessness it just seemed like such a perfect opportunity."

Sheen continues, "And then the Covid-19 pandemic took hold and so much of the work being done and the way it was being done had to change overnight. Whilst that presents a huge challenge it also presents an opportunity. It gives us a chance to change the way that we support people who are homeless, the way we provide opportunities to people who have experienced homelessness and the way that people who haven't experienced homelessness see and think about the people that have. I will use all of the money that I receive from this campaign to set up a specific fund to provide financial support to charities and community organizations working to support homeless people in Wales (UK), at a time when those organizations are going through a really tough period themselves. I'm really excited to be joining forces with the heavenly Mr. Misha and I hope it's just the first of many divine interventions to come."

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