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The Ghoul Comes to Life with New Fallout Statue from Dark Horse
Taking place after Fallout 4, the Amazon Prime series follows three different survivors of the Wasteland Each brings a new and unique perspective to the apocalyptic landscape, like Maximus, a member of the Brotherhood of Steel The Brotherhood has been an iconic and prominent faction inside the Fallout franchise, with the Power Armor being a[...]
The Ghoul Comes to Life with New Fallout Statue from Dark Horse
This new Amazon Prime series has been an impressive series so far that has faithfully brought the world to life Fans follow the adventures of three survivors in the Wasteland, The Ghoul, Maximus, and Lucy, with each bringing their own perspective on the apocalyptic landscape The Ghoul was one of the more interesting characters, with[...]
Grab a Fresca with The Deep with His New The Boys MAFEX Figure 
Coming to life from The Boys TV Series on Amazon Prime, this aquatic hero is ready for redemption and some Fresca Featuring his appearances in Seasons 1 & 2, collectors will be ready to get wet and wild with The Deep This MAFEX release is nicely crafted and will give The Boys fans another member[...]
Return to the Future with the New Spider-Man 2099 MAFEX Figure 
This hit comic book, and now Amazon Prime series, offers a different take on superheroes with darker and more complex dynamics of power and corruption As the original superhero, Soldier Boy represents the epitome of American patriotism and heroism and old ideas of the past that should have stayed there After being found in the[...]
Things Get Invincible and Bloody with Kinetiquettes Mark Grayson Statue 
The hit comic arrived on shelves by Image Comics back in 2003 and is currently being animated on Amazon Prime The story follows the adventures of Mark Grayson, a seemingly ordinary teenager who discovers that he is the son of one of the world's most powerful superheroes, Omni-Man As Mark embraces his newfound abilities and[...]
Exit Vault 33 in Style with Gunnar’s Limited Edition Fallout Glasses 
To help celebrate the new live-action Fallout series arriving on Amazon Prime on April 12th, GUNNAR has a new pair of glasses for just the occasion These stylish spectacles blend retro-futuristic square design with their cutting-edge technology to enhance your gaming, adventuring, or valuting experience like never before With a sleek Vault-Tec logo etched onto[...]
The Boys Queen Maeve Arrives at Star Ace Toys with New 1/6 Figure
She stands 12" tall, has 30 points of articulation and is packed with like-life detail right from the Amazon Prime TV Show Queen Maeve has rooted hair, and her design comes to life right off the screen A nice set of accessories are included with our heroine with a variety of hands, a phone, a[...]
Skybound has announced the kickoff of its year-long 20th-anniversary celebration of Invincible, the comic series from Robert Kirkman, Cory Walker & Ryan Ottley that got turned into an Amazon Prime cartoon The series follows teenager Mark Grayson discovering that having his father's superpowers and being a hero isn't what he expected Invincible #1 debuted in[...]
The Boy Starlight Shines Bright with New MAFEX Figure from Medicom 
The Boys have easily changed up the superhero game as the hit Amazon Prime series has easily taken the world by storm The show is an adaptation of the comic series, with some new-for-TV storylines, which is fine The Boys is a darker superhero than what we usually see with violence, nudity, and plenty of[...]
Alan Moore's Movie The Show To Screen And Stream For One Night Only
I just watched it again on my TV using the Amazon Prime Video app, though I currently don't subscribe to Amazon Prime I watched the whole thing again, for free, with just a twelve-second ad for another film on the app, Turks And Cacos (another excellent film), about three-quarters of the way in This is[...]
Pokémon GO Announces New Collaboration With Amazon Prime
Let's take a look at the details and how this may benefit Pokémon GO players. Amazon Prime graphic from Pokémon GO Credit: Niantic Here's what Niantic had to say about the new Pokémon GO and Prime Gaming collaboration: Over the next several months, Trainers who are Prime members can claim bundles of bonus items—including Poké Balls, Max Revives, and more—in[...]
Reacher: Amazon Studios Releases Prison Fight Clip
So now Amazon Prime is getting into the supercuts game with Reacher, apparently now the top streaming show in the world This compilation video collects the fights from the eight-episode first season… and it's only surprisingly 5 minutes long. Still from "Reacher", Amazon Studios If you're reading this, you probably don't need to know that Reacher is[...]
The Outlaws: BBC Caper Comedy with Christopher Walken Hits Amazon!
Rejoice, strange people! The Outlaws, Stephen Merchant's shaggy dog BBC caper comedy that stars him and… yes… Christopher Walken… is coming to Amazon Prime on April 1st! The comedy, co-created by Merchant and Elgin James, co-creator of FX' Mayans M.C., features the expected bunch of diverse lawbreakers who hate each other forced to do community[...]
We Review Critical Role's The Legend Of Vox Machina
to produce the show and having it distributed on Amazon Prime, the crew have brought to life the adventures of their weekly streamed D&D campaign Campaign One, to be precise, features the members of the brazen, dickish, sometimes absolute disaster of an adventuring party known as Vox Machina (Which, incidentally, even though D&D is not[...]
Reacher: Amazon Studios Releases Prison Fight Clip
Reacher is one of the most highly anticipated series coming to Amazon Prime, coming in February 4th Amazon Studios released a clip today of a fight Jack Reacher has with some convicts in prison The books by Lee Child have sold tens of millions of copies worldwide, so there's already a huge fandom eagerly waiting[...]
The Outlaws: Amazon Renews BBC Comedy-Thriller  Before its US Premiere
The first season just finished its run on the BBC in the UK and is about to debut on Amazon Prime in the US And in what is clearly a good early sign for the series, Amazon has renewed The Outlaws before its U.S series premiere in 2022. "The Outlaws" image courtesy of BBC The comedy-thriller from Merchant[...]
It's Alan Moore's Birthday, Can We Have A TV Version Of The Show?
Mitch Jenkins, whose Prisoners Of Paradise is also about to come out, would be the person to talk to… The Show currently streams on Amazon Prime Video and both The Show and Show Pieces stream on Apple TV. Today is Alan Moore's 68th birthday Happy birthday, sir! And what better birthday present could we get him[...]
Bosch: Michael Connelly Talks about Spin-off Series
Bosch was the longest-running Amazon Studio show on the Amazon Prime streaming service, lasting 7 seasons Each season adapted up to 3 of Connelly's novels into interweaving cases, which means the show had adapted the bulk, but not yet all, of the books The character had to be aged down from the Bosch of the[...]
Fairfax on Amazon Prime is a Surrealist Commentary on Culture
All eight episodes of the first season are streaming now on Amazon Prime Video. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Fairfax Season 1 – Official Trailer | October 29 | Prime Video ( It's easy for a show like Fairfax to fly under the radar and get lost in the shuffle of adult animation,[...]
Amazon Prime I Know What You Did Last Summer Event
Amazon Prime Video pulled out all the stops for its event to promote its original series I Know What You Did Last Summer in Hollywood. Image: E.A. The series itself centers around a group of teens who cover up a hit and run leaving their graduation party Now a year later and back home for the summer,[...]
good omens
In Good Omens 2 (the second season "sermon" in Amazon Prime & BBC Studios' live-action adaptation of Neil Gaiman and Sir Terry Pratchett's Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch), Michael Sheen's Aziraphale and David Tennant's Crowley get back into their easy-living lives among the mortals populating London's Soho, But when[...]
Amazon Prime's I Know What You Did Last Summer Cemetery Takeover
Scary movie classic I Know What You Did Last Summer was brought back to the big screen under the stars at the Hollywood Forever cemetery, thanks to Amazon Prime and Cinespia As a special bonus, the original film was introduced by Ashley Moore, Madison Iseman, Ezekiel Goodman, and Sebastian Amoruso from the Amazon Prime series…with[...]
The Lenny Henry Show - On Superheroes Getting The Black Prefix...
And Lenny Henry talking about being in the Lord Of The Rings TV show on BBC Radio 4, spread all over the world. Lenny Henry BBC PR LITG: The ten most-read stories, yesterday Sir Lenny Henry On Being A Black Hobbit In The Lord Of The Rings What If…? Episode 9 Review: A Bad Show Ends on Even Worse[...]
The Lenny Henry Show - On Superheroes Getting The Black Prefix...
Sir Lenny Henry appeared on BBC Radio 4's Saturday Live show today, talking about his life, his career, getting writing advice from Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman, and his appearance in the Lord Of The Rings series being made for Amazon Prime Video. "For the last two years I've been working on Lord Of The Rings[...]