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This time, we're merging two popular animated worlds, with Amazon Prime's Invincible revealing today who Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland would be voicing. Images: Screencaps So if you thought drunken frat boy Doug Cheston sounded a bit like Rick Sanchez- especially with the burps? Well, there are two things you need to know[...]
The Boys: Homelander really likes milk. (Image: Amazon Prime)
There's no better way for series showrunner and executive producer Eric Kripke to get our minds off of obsessing over who on Amazon Prime's The Boys are early-morning call folks and those who aren't (don't judge us) Back in January of this year, Kripke revealed that they would be adapting a storyline from the comics[...]
New Homelander key art from The Boys (Image: Amazon Prime)
While production on the third season of Amazon Prime and executive producer/showrunner Eric Kripke's The Boys continues grinding away, the streaming service is offering viewers a chance to learn more about how the second season came together Produced by At Will Media, the eight-episode podcast The Boys: The Official Podcast takes listeners behind the scenes[...]
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The Boys star Jack Quaid waded into the "The Great Early Morning Debate" on Tuesday, and… what's that? Oh, okay- for those of you not familiar? Karl Urban previously posted about not being a big fan of early morning shoots as filming continues on the Amazon Prime and showrunner/EP Eric Kripke series[...]
A look at Jack Quaid from The Boys season 2 (Image: Amazon Prime)
Just to be clear? We didn't imagine that covering something as simple as Karl Urban not being a big fan of early morning shoots would be anything more than a fun one-off when it comes to Amazon Prime and showrunner/EP Eric Kripke's The Boys And as it turns out? Yup, we were wrong[...]
An Unexpected Way To Pirate Comic Books On Amazon Kindle?
And while one can pay a minimal amount to purchase copies – much less than legitimate digital sales or print sales would cost – one could also read them on Kindle Unlimited for free – a small amount of the reader's Amazon Prime subscription going to whoever uploaded them Could be Raymond Coles, could be[...]
The Boys, Power, Cobra Kai, "Vince McTrump" & More: BCTV Sunday Slices (Image: Amazon Prime)
As you could probably tell from our last post, it really is a coin flip when it comes to what we're going to get from the cast, crew, and creative team behind Amazon Prime and showrunner/EP Eric Kripke's The Boys We think we did a pretty good job of proving that point last time, with an[...]
Panic: Amazon's YA Series Adaptation Premiering Memorial Day Weekend
A thrilling new series, developed from the adaptation of a YA novel, is headed to Amazon Prime Video next month This will be the adaptation of the young adult novel Panic by Lauren Oliver The setting has a familiar, almost Hunger Games style, as some small-town Texas teens compete in their senior year for a chance at[...]
A look at Jack Quaid from The Boys season 2 (Image: Amazon Prime)
And while many do an excellent job staying engaged with their fanbase (especially between seasons), there's something special about covering a show like Amazon Prime and showrunner/EP Eric Kripke's The Boys In this case, that "something special" is the full understanding that you never know what you're going to get from the cast during production[...]
The Boys: Erin Moriarty Extends Homelander Season 3 Finger He Deserves
With filming on the third season of Amazon Prime and showrunner/EP Eric Kripke's The Boys currently underway, fans have learned quite a bit about what the future holds over the past few months We've had news of a supes college-based spinoff series, the casting of Jensen Ackles (Supernatural) as Soldier Boy and Katia Winter (Blood[...]
Since we recognize that there are still some of you catching up on the first three episodes of Amazon Prime's adult animation adaptation of Robert Kirkman and Cory Walker's Invincible, we're going to keep things a little vague to avoid spoilers Let's just say that Robot (Zachary Quinto) has a very good reason to have to recruit[...]
With only days to go until Robert Kirkman and Cory Walker's Invincible jumps from the printed page to the streaming screen, Amazon Prime's adult animation series adaptation wants fans of the comic book series to know that they're not pulling punches bringing the series to life- that includes every violent, bloody panel of it[...]
Promo screen cap image from The Lord of the Rings series video (Image: Amazon Prime Video)
Every day I look forward to working with the incredible team here in New Zealand as we humbly contribute to the legacy of the greatest stories ever told," said Yip (who also directed episodes of Amazon's upcoming The Wheel of Time series) in a statement when the news was officially announced. Promo screen cap image from[...]
the boys
Last week was a pretty big week when it comes to the upcoming spinoff series (not yet given a green light but we're going like it's going to happen) from Amazon Prime's The Boys Shane Paul McGhie (Deputy, Greenleaf), Aimee Carrero (Elena of Avalor, Young & Hungry), Maddie Phillips (Teenage Bounty Hunters), Lizzie Broadway (The[...]