Tales of Arcadia: 3Below- Guillermo del Toro, Diego Luna Talk Initial Pitch

Netflix and Dreamworks struck gold when it came to Trollhunters. The three seasons of the show were beloved by adults and children alike and it was nice to see a kids show that didn't dumb itself down under the misconception that kids couldn't handle real stories. We shouldn't expect anything less from Guillermo del Toro who is made a career out of monsters but also has a soft spot for making materials for kids. The first of the two spin-offs for Trollhunters, called 3Below, had a panel at New York Comic Con and Bleeding Cool got the chance to talk to the cast and crew. Del Toro and star Diego Luna talked about bringing the series to life and how it was originally pitched as a movie to Fox. Luna, it should be noted, does drop a F-bomb during this interview.

Summary: A pair of teenage royals and their bodyguard escape from their home planet and try to blend in on Earth.

Tales of Arcadia: 3Below, creator Guillermo del Toro, stars Tatiana Maslany, Diego Luna, Nick Offerman, Glen Close, Andy Garcia, Nick Frost, Alon Aboutboul, Chris Obi, Uzo Aduba, Cheryl Hines, Tom Kenny, Haley Atwell, Danny Trejo, and Ann Dowd. It was stream to Netflix on December 21st.

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