"The Good Place" Season 4 Begins When The Bad Place Makes "The Selection" [VIDEO]

Holy forking shirtballs! Unless you've been living under a rock, you must know by now that the fourth and final season of NBC's The Good Place debuts later this month. But you probably didn't know that the network just released a spinoff miniseries The Good Place: The Selection on their app – well, you did if you saw our initial reporting on it (and how could you not, The Good Place fan and loyal Bleeding Cool reader?).

The Good Place: The Selection takes place between the third and fourth seasons, and features The Bad Place's Shawn (Marc Evan Jackson) and his minions as they choose four terrible people to send to Michael's (Ted Danson) newly restored neighborhood. Their mission is to cheat and bend the rules to make sure Michael's mission to prove people can change and become good fails miserably.

The miniseries is a side story (what the Japanese might call "gaiden") that isn't essential to the main show, but gives you a little extra with side characters – courtesy of the main show's writers, of course.

Expect hilarity to ensue… and possibly some clues on what fans can expect from the final season.

"The Good Place: The Selection" Episodes

"The Selection, Part 1: The Mission"

Shawn and his demon cohorts plot to destroy Michael's new neighborhood. Shawn gets the demons briefed on their mission.

"The Selection, Part 2: The Candidates"

Shawn's demon ding-dongs pitch their human choices for Michael's new neighborhood.

"The Selection, Part 3: The Takeout Order"

Shawn's demon ash-holes try to decide what to eat. Maybe some sludge from the inside of shoes that you don't wear socks with?

"The Selection, Part 4: The Storm Out"

Tensions rise as the demons try to select the right "human fart bombs" for Michael's new neighborhood. Glenn feels Shawn is being too mean.

"The Selection, Part 5: The Talk"

In a demon-to-demon chat with Glenn, Shawn is inspired to rethink the way he forks with Michael's new neighborhood.

"The Selection, Part 6: The Solution"

When Shawn takes aim on a more personal attack on the humans, Glenn has some reservations.

Each episode only runs for a few minutes. It'll take you less time to stream all six than it would to watch a single half-hour episode of The Good Place. 


the good place
THE GOOD PLACE — Pictured: "The Good Place" Key Art — (Photo by: NBCUniversal)

It's only available on the NBC app, which you can get here.

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