The Great North S01E08 Keeps The Sense Of Adventure Alive: Review

Sunday's episode of FOX's The Great North, "Keep Beef-lievin' Adventure", explored Moon Tobin's character and the struggle of helping a sibling find individuality. A sense of doubt comes towards Moon as he begins to doubt his own long-held belief in Bigfoot. With a kind heart, Beef Tobin enlists the help of other family members and eventually even Honeybee's brother in order to help restore Moon's faith. Meanwhile, Honeybee receives a surprise visit from her brother that has her concerned. Her brother, Jerry, who we saw back in an episode involving Honeybee's backstory, attempts to move to Alaska himself in another attempt to copy his sister's interests. That specific story within the episode does a balanced job at understanding the worry buy exciting risk that can come with branching out into your own sense of individuality apart from your siblings or family.

The Great North
Source: FOX

The main storyline involving Moon's search and disbelief in Bigfoot is both hilarious in the dream sequence involved and also heartwarming. The reality of losing some sense of the adventure when doubting something like Moon has, is that it can become incredibly disheartening and negative all at the same time. The best part of the episode had to involve the creative and absurd soul that went into the dream sequence of singing ghosts, a tooth, Bigfoot, and more. Often the absurd portions of shows like The Great North are what makes it so worthwhile to watch.

If it gives me a push into shocked laughter then it has done its' job. I recommend this episode for the reason of fantastic absurd moments, the excellent building of Honeybee's background and her character, and the feeling of immediate inclusion in the story told. Let us know in the comments below if you enjoyed this episode of The Great North!

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