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The Great North S01E09 Proves Meeting Your Heroes Can Suck: Review
The recent episode of The Great North on FOX, "Tusk in the Wind Adventure", saw the Tobin family examine the fun moments of bonding over a TV show and the extent to which we try to see our heroes through rose-colored glasses as long as we can sometimes The episode, written by Kevin Avery, who wrote previously[...]
The Great North S01E08 Keeps The Sense Of Adventure Alive: Review
Sunday's episode of FOX's The Great North, "Keep Beef-lievin' Adventure", explored Moon Tobin's character and the struggle of helping a sibling find individuality A sense of doubt comes towards Moon as he begins to doubt his own long-held belief in Bigfoot With a kind heart, Beef Tobin enlists the help of other family members and[...]
The Great North Gifted Carved Wooden Coasters Of The Tobin Family
The other day I received a surprising message on my personal Instagram from the official The Great North account alerting me that I had been one of the fans to win their recent giveaway The series, along with the voice of Beef Tobin himself, Nick Offerman, put together a wooden coaster set (6 total coasters in[...]
The Great North S1E07 Paints A Picture Of Protest And Vaginas: Review
FOX examined artistic inspiration and protest in the latest episode of The Great North when Judy gets a creative opportunity at school The seventh episode of this first season, written by Michelle Badillo and Caroline Levich, includes two stories The first involves Judy's news that she has been allowed to take the lead on a creative[...]
The Great North Season 1 Flips Gendered Romantic Expectations: Review
The Great North's latest episode, "Pride & Prejudance Adventure", gave audiences a chance to see how assumptions of romance and growth go hand-in-hand The episode both focuses around the visitation of the Beef's brother, the long-distance uncle, who visits for a short period, and the school dance that Judy and her siblings prep for Beef[...]
The Great North Creators Discussed The Freedom In Early Renewals
Not often do creators find early comfort in developing a series, but the Molyneux Sisters found it when their passion project, The Great North, received early renewal Due to the recent ups and downs for the television industry when it has come to developing and producing a series during the pandemic, not everyone has felt[...]
The Great North Ep 5 Had Us Take A Step Back And Relax: Review
The fifth episode of The Great North on FOX took a look at the theme of both opportunity and how our passions can sometimes come out in the worst ways When Beef Tobin looks to a future curling competition for an amateur league, he reluctantly looks to his daughter Judy Judy's past history with intense competitive fury[...]
The Great North Premiere Had Us Remember Why We Care About Love
The official premiere of The Great North on FOX, although delayed by a week, was full of heart while it was finding a voice among great shows in the Animation Domination lineup The Tobin family seems to be made only better by the storytelling that involved Honeybee's background and the relatability of what her family[...]
The Great North: Series Creators Give A Tour Of The Tobin Family
The recent family to join the Animation Domination on FOX, the Tobin clan, are finding their spot in the mix in The Great North We've been able to witness the characters on screen for two separate previews of the series Both times showed unique sides to each of the Tobins Sisters and co-creators of the series[...]
The Latest Preview Of 'The Great North' Goes Ham On Some Cake: Review
The second episode of FOX's The Great North gave audiences a look at the character of Ham from the Tobin family as he struggles with a big task The push to impress has taken over many of the Tobin family members in "Feast of Not People Adventure" but the ultimate moment relies upon Ham's baking[...]
'The Great North' Pilot Preview Starts Off The New Year Right: Review
I'll admit it, I went into this pilot preview viewing with cautious awareness but left it with hope and excitement of what is to come. The Great North presented an early preview of the pilot episode on FOX ahead of the premiere next month As a fan of previous works in Bob's Burgers by Minty Lewis, Wendy Molyneux,[...]
'The Great North' Gives Us Another Teaser Ahead Of A February
From the producers of Bob's Burgers, comes a new series in February 2021 called The Great North that follows the Tobin family in Alaska A recent teaser trailer has arrived giving us a taste of what's to come with the quirky lives of this Tobin family that includes a single father, Beef Tobin, voiced by Nick Offerman[...]