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Housebroken: FOX's Upcoming Adult Animated Series Releases Teasers
There's a new series coming to FOX's "Animation Domination" lineup alongside classics like Bob's Burgers and newcomers like The Great North This show is titled Housebroken and it has already released a few teasers revealing characters ahead of its' May 31st premiere date These teasers are small glances at some of the pets the audience should be expecting to meet, and[...]
The Great North Ep 5 Had Us Take A Step Back And Relax: Review
Other than that, there's a great spot for The Great North in FOX's "Animation Domination" lineup for years to come. The fifth episode of The Great North on FOX took a look at the theme of both opportunity and how our passions can sometimes come out in the worst ways When Beef Tobin looks to a future[...]