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Grimsburg: Fox TV Unveils Trailer For Jon Hamm Animated Series
The animated series joins the Animation Domination family on January 7, 2024 The premiere date, trailer, and discussion came from 2023's New York City Comic Con (NYCCC) Showrunner Chadd Gindin introduced the screening for the series at the Javits Center. Screenshot Source: YouTube/Animation Domination In Grimsburg, Marvin Flute (Jon Hamm) may be the greatest detective ever to[...]
Bob's Burgers Season 13 E01 Preview: Fischoeder Gets Theatrical
During the D23 Expo's panel for the series, which was moderated by creator Loren Bouchard, a clip from the episode also debuted, showing off some rehearsal moments between the Belchers & their landlord. Source: 20th Television Season 13 of Bob's Burgers premieres on September 25th at 9 PM EST in the Animation Domination lineup on FOX which also[...]
The Great North Season 3 Premiere Photos & Series' Bright Future
FOX's The Great North is quickly approaching its season three premiere on September 25th in the "Animation Domination" lineup With recent photos giving fans a sneak peek at the first episode of season three & the thrill from the renewal of a fourth season, creators Wendy Molyneux and Lizzie Molyneux-Logelin have exciting things ahead for them. 20th Television and Fox[...]
Bob's Burgers: 10 Episodes To Watch If You're New To The Series
There are plenty of fans of the series, but those new to it may search for a place to start and it can get a tad overwhelming with that in mind. Source: YouTube/Animation Domination Going up to the end of season five, these episodes of Bob's Burgers are ones I picked out and that I believe give a[...]