"The Mandalorian": Gina Carano Signals Season 2 Filming Wrap

Disney +'s The Mandalorian has had a pretty interesting post-premiere season life. We know Jon Favreau's back in charge for the second season (set to return in October 2020), there's a good chance WWE pro-wrestler Sasha Banks has some part in it, Giancarlo Esposito (Moff Gideon) believes his Darksaber-wielding bad guy could make a turn towards the light in the near future, and that writer/director James Mangold (Logan & Ford v Ferrari) is not directing an episode this season (contrary to some internet reports).

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So now that we've got you up-to-speed, Gina Carano (mercenary Cara Dune) has posted some good news for fans nervous about the show making its October premiere. Taking to Instagram on Friday, Carano posted an image of herself on-set along with a message signaling that filming on the second season has wrapped while expressing her gratitude to the cast and crew:


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That's a wrap on season 2.. I absolutely love this work and the people in it. 🤍 #storytelling ✨#themandalorian

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"The Mandalorian": Gina Carano Signals Season 2 Filming Wrap

Last month at Fan Expo Vancouver 2020, Esposito made the case that Gideon's "bigger picture" vision makes him ripe material for a turn towards the light in the upcoming season (or seasons):

"I love the villains because they could possibly be redeemed as really being good human beings. Moff Gideon is someone who is basically a warden of one of the planets, or one of the galaxies, that are given to Moffs to oversee so that people don't overrun and take people out. He's sort of a warden. But Moff Gideon, my Moff, is the top warden. So he could be there to change things for the better.

Even though he's not approved by everyone, they will see him having done so. So I love the villain, because there's room to grow. There's room for the dark to come to the light, and I love that people love the villains, because villains can be redeemed. There's something that they really want, and I think Moff Gideon, in the end, wants to see our universe survive."

Set between the events in Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens, showrunner Jon Favreau (The Lion King) and Dave Filoni's (The Clone Wars) The Mandalorian takes place after the fall of the Empire and before the emergence of the First Order and follows a lone gunfighter in the outer reaches of the galaxy far from the authority of the New Republic.

The Mandalorian stars Pedro Pascal, Gina Carano, Nick Nolte, Giancarlo Esposito, Ming-Na Wen, Carl Weathers, Emily Swallow, Omid Abtahi, Werner Herzog, Taika Waititi, Bill Burr, and Mark Boone Jr. star.

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