The Mandalorian Showed Chris Krebs The Way; Trump Never Had a Chance

Before we check out yet another intersection where pop culture (The Mandalorian) and politics (Donald Trump) are revving their engines, a little backstory. If you're like us, then you find it both hysterical and hypocritical when people whine, "I don't want [politics/social issues] mixed up in my [sports/video games/television show/franchise]!" as if this is some kind of "new concept' that social media unleashed upon such innocent souls. Folks, pop culture, politics, and social issues have been dirty-dancing with each other for decades- you're just blind to it when it works in your favor and maybe a bit short-sighted when it comes to pop culture history.

The Mandalorian Showed Chris Krebs The Way; Trump Never Had a Chance (Image: Disney+)
The Mandalorian Showed Chris Krebs The Way; Trump Never Had a Chance (Image: Disney+)

With the former, ask yourselves this: so why do we play the National Anthem, shout out the military, and raise money for breast cancer research by sporting pink at stadiums and during televised games? Those fit in the criteria of things that "shouldn't be in your sports" but we're okay with it because those are safe things to support- but by the whining argument? Those need to go, too. As for short-sightedness, I'll refer you back to three instances to put that argument to rest: 1915 "cinematic classic" The Birth of a Nation was nothing more than an infomerical for the KKK, it took Edward R. Murrow's television news show See It Now to take down Sen. Joseph McCarthy, and Muhammad Ali had his boxing license stripped in every state after he came out as a conscientious objector to the Vietnam War and refused to apply for the draft.

So were we surprised to learn that ousted Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) Chris Krebs was a Mandalorian with Jedi teachings? Nope, because that's what someone who lives his life by the teachings of The Mandalorian and "Star Wars" lore would do. In a nutshell, Trump fired Krebs on Tuesday night via Twitter (because Sith are cowards) because Krebs dared to… wait for it… tell the truth and not sell his soul to a petulant man-child not named Kylo Ren! See, Krebs and CISA didn't want to play along with Trump's temper tantrums and tinfoil hat conspiracy theories, issuing a statement that there "is no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes, or was in any way compromised."

To be clear, Krebs and CISA repeatedly pushed back for months on the nonsense that Trump and his pets have been trying to push to explain-away the ass-beating Trump got at the polls. Why? Because the rights of the people are more important than the ego of one man- sounds pretty Jedi to me. Add to that Krebs' pimp move of issuing a reassurance to the American people that their votes mattered and were accounted for properly, knowing full well that he would lose his job as Trump continues down his presidential death-spiral? Well, I think it's safe to say that Pedro Pascal's Din Djarin might just take off his helmet out of respect for that move.

A move that caught the attention of none other than Mark Hamill aka Luke Skywalker, who tweeted a proper translation of the tweet Trump sent out offering his altered-reality take on things:

Well, that tweet wasn't lost on Krebs, who responded to Hamill and tagged Pascal to let them know that their teachings did not fall on deaf ears:

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